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Healthmade Radio Episode 13 Dr. James McGivern & Sharon Brack

James McGivern is a biologist with research in molecular biology and genetics. James completed a Masters degree at Florida State University studying the relationship between genes and the traits they affect. As a graduate student, James worked with next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics, and has contributed to and published several papers in peer-reviewed research journals.

James work focuses on integrating genetics with nutrition and exercise science, as well as how genes impact how people respond to medications

Sharon Brack is a clinically certified holistic nutrition and supplement expert with a passion for genetically guided wellness. She has been leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry for 17+ years; appearing on TV, print, and social media.  She is the Director of Genetic Nutrition for Advanced Genomic Solutions and 15 year owner of her own concierge health counseling business.

Sharon’s background in multi-specialty clinical nutrition combined with genetic proficiency has provided her with the tools to take the stress, confusion and guess work out of eating, working out and supplementation.

HealthMade Radio is a community for natural health seekers where we educate people about common health conditions and share extensive research on the most effective natural health treatments. A core concept and belief is in the innate intelligence and healing power of the body. If properly supported spiritually, emotionally, and nutritionally, it can find its way back to health. HealthMade Radio brings information from integrative health experts from around the world!

– your host, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt