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It is difficult to dismiss foot pain. Many people develop extraordinarily painful conditions in their feet, but have no idea why. Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that affects men and women with varying types of lifestyles. This pain is due to an inflammatory issue involving the soft tissues, bones, and other structures of the feet. Continual sharp pains in the feet are especially bothersome, but they can be relieved with holistic care.

The science involved in diagnosing the causes of plantar fasciitis is new and relatively unclear. Problems in the feet are caused by any number of body alignment issues ranging from obesity, to the constant use of inappropriate footwear. When the balance and weight distribution of the body is forced upon the feet, certain boney points can become inflamed. This inflammation results in swelling and nerve aggravation that becomes debilitating. People with fasciitis pain experience:

Holistic approaches to healing fasciitis focus on proper blood flows, and education regarding the proper way to treat the feet. Leg massages and foot palpation increases circulation. Therapeutic shoe cushions and wraps alleviate pain, while other modes of physical therapy treatments are learned. In short, relieving plantar fasciitis symptoms can be accomplished without harsh surgical methods.

The most common location for this type of pain is in the heel. A simple adjustment to walking patterns can reduce pain. If the pain is caused by body weight issues, dietary plans can coincide with new learned techniques for balance and pressure. Surgical fixes for foot pain never address the root causes of foot pain. 

A holistic approach covers why pain is being experienced, and how it can be cured through normal processes. The vast number of people experiencing pain from types of plantar fasciitis can obtain relief through non-surgical therapies and adjustments to lifestyles. Foot pain can put a stop to normal living, but simple treatments can restore foot health. Fasciitis pain can be addressed with a whole-person form of therapy.Please feel free to visit our clinic to speak with a natural chiropractor who can provide some insight and remedies for your plantar fasciitis.