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Flu season is still among us.  It began a bit early this year and I, too, just got over the flu.  Because of my recent experience, I wanted to share a few secrets that can help you not only prevent the flu but will give you the tools to treat it if you do get it.

If you do get it, don’t worry.  Yes, it’s a rather bad strain this year, but certain studies have shown that those of us that do get it and haven’t gotten the flu vaccine, have a better chance of surviving a deadlier strain when one surfaces.

Be forewarned that there are many scare tactics out there, reporting that this is one of the worst flu seasons in years.  These tactics are meant to convince us that we need traditional medical attention to prevent or survive the flu this year.  Because this year started early, it’s not actually as bad as everyone is claiming.A few things I wanted to mention about the flu:

Obviously, we want to collectively build up our immune systems as this acts as a basic herd immunity. One way we can do this is to take a good probiotic daily and utilize what some of my favorite practitioners like to call the “sick kit”. This includes a good Vitamin D such as the Bio-D-Mulsion Forte liquid that packs 2,000 IU per drop. High doses are ideal for a few days to give you a boost, then reduce. Ask Dr. Karlfeldt for details. Vitamin A, Zinc, and high doses of Vitamin C in either IV form or the lyposomal packets, both available at the Karlfeldt Center.

If you happen to get the flu, the previous vitamins will boost your body’s ability to fight the virus but now you will need to add some antivirals to the mix. Depending upon the severity of your flu, scheduling an IV with ozone or oxygen, one of the most potent antivirals you can get, such as the UBI or H202 IV is an ideal option. Our newest addition, the UVLrx IV utilizes a powerful light therapy, another great antiviral choice.

The Vitamin C IV will halt the flu’s progress, or you may consider just coming in for some rehydration IV’s and nutritional restoration to prevent the dehydration and malnutrition that this year’s strain is causing. Non-IV treatments include the HOCATT, which can induce a fever, fighting the flu bug more quickly while delivering ozone into the cells for an additional antiviral effect. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber has similar effects, delivering oxygen to the body to fight the virus.

If you have no motivation to get out to the clinic, here are a few other things that may help. In his book, “Herbal Antivirals,” Stephen Buhner shows that part of the problem with the flu virus is not just the virus itself but the inflammatory reaction that can happen because of the virus. This inflammation causes aches and pains, GI issues, fatigue, and respiratory difficulties.To fight this bug holistically at home, here are a few suggestions:

For antiviral protection, use oregano oil, echinacea, and elderberry extract.  In studies, these have proven to be more effective than Tamiflu. The current flu strains are gaining resistance to pharmaceutical antivirals, by the way, so we need to find safe yet effective alternatives.

To fight the inflammatory reactions in the body, Buhner recommends multiple herbs, which are in two of my favorite products at the Karlfeldt Center. These are Viressence and Quintessence, both in liquid form.  While they are a bit spendy, they are worth every drop as they can get you through several years of potential flu bugs. Ginger root is great for decreasing side effects, especially in the lungs and GI tract and is also antiviral.

I realize this can all be overwhelming but pick and choose your favorites.  If you’re in the clinic, ask the practitioners to muscle test you for which supplements you need specifically. If you do go out to the clinic, or anywhere for that matter, be sure to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of the virus and wash your hands often as this is the single most effective way to prevent the flu bug from spreading!