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Dr. Gerald Pollack could be considered a rogue scientist who thinks outside the box allowing him to take a new look at some old ideas for the most basic substance – water. In this interview with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, he explains how scientific theory can be flawed for a long time, so challenging how we think, and reexamining old assumptions requires leadership and creativity. Typical scientist conforms to consensus, preferring to make safe career choices. Safety is most often put above risk taking, so very few scientists examine topics that have formerly drawn criticism. 

The consensus is that water is already completely understood so serious study is shunned or simply overlooked. Dr. Pollack and his team have the courage to undertake thought provoking experiments demonstrating how new breakthroughs are discovered. His fascinating theory of EZ water has incredible implication in the realm of health science. 

Professor Gerald Pollack is Founding Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal, WATER and is recognized as an international leader in science and engineering. The University of Washington Faculty chose Pollack, in 2008, to receive their highest annual distinction: the Faculty Lecturer Award. He was the 2012 recipient of the coveted Prigogine Medal for thermodynamics of dissipative systems. He has received an honorary doctorate from Ural State University in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and was more recently named an Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Foreign Member of the Srpska Academy. Pollack is a Founding Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering and a Fellow of both the American Heart Association and the Biomedical Engineering Society. He recently received an NIH Director’s Transformative R01 Award for his work on water and maintains an active laboratory in Seattle.

Pollack’s interests have ranged broadly, from biological motion and cell biology to the interaction of biological surfaces with aqueous solutions. His 1990 book, Muscles, and Molecules: Uncovering the Principles of Biological Motion, won an “Excellence Award” from the Society for Technical Communication; his subsequent book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life, won that Society’s “Distinguished Award.”
Pollack is recognized worldwide as a dynamic speaker and a scientist willing to challenge any long-held dogma that does not fit the facts.

In his newest book, The Fourth Phase of Water, Professor Pollack takes us on a fantastic voyage through water, showing us a hidden universe teeming with physical activity and lays a simple foundation for understanding how changes of water structure underlie most energetic transitions of form and motion on Earth.

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