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In this episode of the Dr. Michael show, Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD performs testing on John Cavanaugh who has volunteered to show how to muscle-test the heart. Muscle-testing is a way to put stress on the nervous system and get response from the body to see what is going on.

With his arm outstretched. Dr. Karlfeldt puts pressure over the heart in different places. The first couple of places feel strong as he exerts pressure against John’s arm, but one place goes weak. One part of the heart needs extra support. There can be certain things that create inflammation within the cardiovascular system.

He uses different vials containing different “bugs” and some with different foods, different metals and different chemicals. He tests to determine which ones change the response. In the region where he felt weakness, Dr. Karlfeldt will determine whether there is some type of food that creates weakness. And one of the vials with a certain type of food John is consuming that is creating inflammation in his cardiovascular system.

The same test can be performed with vials containing a certain “bug” such as a parasite, fungus, bacteria, virus, etc. And there appears to be an immune challenge as well.

Dr. Karlfeldt will also check to determine if there is a metal, which seems to be okay. And then determine any chemical weakness as well. This can be done to determine what is the cause of inflammation. It is inflammation that is causing the cholesterol myth we have been taught by conventional health.

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash. 

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