Using Laser Detox for Desensitizing the Body to Allergens and Other Sensitivities

Kate Robinson, Laser Energetic Detox and Applied-Psycho-Neurobiology practitioner and therapist talks with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt on a technique she uses for clients known as laser energetic detox. Kate explains how using a laser, she takes substances the body shows sensitivities toward and neutralizes them. Using muscle testing or applied kinesiology, the practitioner can pinpoint exactly what a client is reacting to when they come in with an allergic reaction or sensitivity. One example of sensitivities are seasonal allergens, such as to pollen, which produce sinus inflammation.

Learn about how laser detox works using vials that contain samples of allergens or substances to which our bodies may react; an under-utilized and powerful technique for healing; a technique that doesn’t involve supplements and restructures how your body functions and reacts in different ways. In many instances, the immune system and how it responds to these substances is involved. When the immune system becomes over-reactive, our bodies revert to a state of acute or chronic inflammation. In this way, practitioners can disconnect the immune system’s over response, so to say, a lot of the symptoms then, will improve. There are also physical, emotional or mental, and genetic considerations that can be a factor in a client’s health considerations, and these can also be impacted favorably and with improvement using laser detox techniques. 

Watch the discussion with Kate Robinson and Dr. Michael Karlfeldt to learn more!

Photo by James & Carol Lee on Unsplash. 

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