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On this episode of HealthMade radio Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Dr. William Lee Cowden, MD. He is a board cert. Cardiologist and internist who developed a protocol for people in the early and late stages of Lyme disease, and to minimize the symptoms associated with Lyme disease. Cowden’s protocol is also used in other chronic disease states. Dr. Cowden’s protocol a holistic and multifaceted approach that have broad-spectrum action against bacteria, fungi, parasites, and even viruses and they are natural non-toxic anti-inflammatories that address the three forms of Lyme (spirochetal, cyst-form and L-form). 

The Cowden protocol is a holistic, step-by-step, do-it-yourself Lyme disease treatment protocol developed by Dr. Lee Cowden, M.D. The protocol itself incorporates a multifaceted approach to treating chronic Lyme disease through powerful antimicrobials that work just as good, if not better, than doxycycline, by addressing the 3 anatomical forms of the Lyme bacteria (i.e., spirochetal, cyst-form, and L-form), co-infections, detoxification support for the brain, nervous system, liver, kidneys, blood, and lymphatic system, immune modulation, heavy metal removal, krebs cycle support and energy support due to magnesium deficiency, biofilm dissolvers, and the removal of excess sulfur.

When only pharmaceuticals are used, which have a much narrower spectrum of action than these broad spectrum herbals, many late-stage Lyme patients fail to get well and symptom free because often times the pharmaceutical drugs are not able to resolve the various remaining microbial infections, deal with the immune dysregulation and gut dysbiosis, etc. 

In this interview learn more about:

Richard Horowitz, MD in New York State has found the Cowden Support Program to be effective in markedly improving the condition of 70-80% of the advanced Lyme Borreliosis patients with co-infections over 4 to 6 months’ time, even if the patients had previously failed to improve on multiple courses of antibiotics. 

A follow-up study was conducted by researchers from the University of New Haven. They tested the effectiveness of Samento and Banderol extracts against the most commonly used antibiotic in Lyme disease, doxycycline, on several different forms of Borrelia burgdorferi, including the spirochetes, round bodies, and biofilm-like colonies they form. (See John Carey’s story, Biofilms: The Culprit in Chronic Lyme). The results showed that the herbal extracts were effective in eliminating or dramatically reducing all three forms of the bacterium whereas the doxycycline  had a significant impact only on the spirochetes.

The interview closes with a discussion on whole body well being summarized in this portion of the Cowden Support Program. 

Patients on the Cowden Support Program are encouraged to find ways to laugh each day, to avoid unnecessary stress and bad relationships, to pray or meditate each day, and to find a way to give and receive love each day, even if that means having a dog or a pet. Unconditional love is one of the most powerful healing sources in the universe.

More About Dr. Cowden

Dr. Cowden began his career in 1978 as a graduate from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and went on to complete his Internal Medicine Residency in 1981 and his Cardiology & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship in 1984 at St. Louis University Hospital Group. As a board-certified cardiologist & internist as well as a licensed homeopathic medical doctor, Dr. Cowden has had a foot in both worlds and now combines the wealth of knowledge that he has obtained over the years to pioneer successful integrative treatments for neurological conditions.

As the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and a Professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, Cowden is widely sought after for his knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching integrative techniques. He has been successful in helping patients with neurological issues, even those given no hope by the allopathic medical community, and physicians of all fields of medicine are eager to tap into his knowledge. He is the creator of the Cowen Protocol that successfully treats Lyme.