The Science of Water and its Health Implication

Water is central and absolutely essential to the process of every cell in our body. But the water we need is not ordinary tap water. Tap water is dead and polluted. It is not H20. It is H302. It is organised molecules, that are structured in a particular fashion, to provide our cells with true nourishment. Professor Gerald Pollack is recognized worldwide as a dynamic speaker and a scientist willing to challenge any long-held dogma that does not fit the facts.

In his newest book, The Fourth Phase of Water, Professor Pollack takes us on a fantastic voyage through water, showing us a hidden universe teeming with physical activity and lays a simple foundation for understanding how changes of water structure underlie most energetic transitions of form and motion on Earth.

Water is certainly not as simple as you may think…

On this episode of HealthMade Radio Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Professor Pollack and the discovery of a fourth state of water. The presence of the fourth phase of water carries many implications. We obtain energy from food; however, we can also get energy from water. EZ water as it has been dubbed envelops every macromolecule in the cell. Those macromolecules are so tightly packed that the EZ water largely fills your cells. In other words, most of your cell water is EZ water. This water plays a central role in everything the cell does, as elaborated in Professor Pollack’s book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life.2

Fully built EZs around each protein seem necessary for optimal cellular functioning

  • In this episode learn how to increase your body’s access to ez water
  • Find out the source of energy that recharges the body
  • Listen to the discussion of EZ water the movement of toxins in and out of the cells

Gerald Pollack, PhD, received his doctorate in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He then joined the University of Washington faculty where he is now professor of bioengineering. He is also founding editor-in-chief of the journal WATER, convener of the annual conference on the physics, chemistry and biology of water, and executive director of the Institute for Venture Science. His 1990 book Muscles and Molecules: Uncovering the Principles of Biological Motion won an “Excellence Award” from the Society for Technical Communication. His 2001 book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life and his newest book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, won that society’s highest distinction, “Distinguished Award.” The latter book went on to receive the World Summit Excellence Award.

Pollack’s interests have ranged broadly, from biological motion and cell biology to the interaction of biological surfaces with aqueous solutions. His 1990 book, Muscles, and Molecules: Uncovering the Principles of Biological Motion, won an “Excellence Award” from the Society for Technical Communication; his subsequent book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life, won that Society’s “Distinguished Award.”

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Various hour-long talks describe these fresh understandings.
One of them is a University of Washington public award lecture: youtube.com/watch?v=XVBEwn6iWOo.
Another was delivered more recently: youtube.com/watch?v=JnGCMQ8TJ_g&list=PLwOAYhBuU3Ufr53AnJv9RLousgVN4G_uX&index=8.
A third is a recent TEDx talk: youtube/i-T7tCMUDXU.

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