The Healing Power of Sound with Shantara Sandberg

Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD visits with Shantara Sandberg, a sound healer, on the nature of sound and vibration, how it affects our bodies and promotes healing or possibly even, disease. 

Dr. K: With me here I have Shantara Sandberg. She is a sound healer. So Shantara, what is sound healing? What does that mean?

Shantara Sandberg: Well sound is vibration, and we’re made of vibration. So sound healing is a conscious session to bring sacred sounds, healing sounds to you. You naturally attune to sounds around you. So you are naturally attuning to the lawn mower and the refrigerator and all these mundane sounds. These are sacred sounds to bring you into your body, attune to the earth, and into spirit also.

Dr. K: What does sacred sound mean?

SS: It’s very special. It has the intention of healing behind it.

Dr. K: Okay, so these are vibrations that naturally exist within our bodies?

SS: Yes, if we listen to our breath all day, we’ll hear it. If we listen to our heartbeat, we’ll hear it.

Dr. K: So these are the kind of sounds, like for the heart, the way it beats, it’s pumped around the blood … and how organs vibrate; they relate then, to these sacred sounds.

SS: Because they are in an environment of vibration, they relate to all vibration. And so we’ll attune ourselves to the refrigerator if we are sitting in the kitchen all the time. It’s just something that happens.

Dr. K: Obviously if we attune ourselves to a refrigerator, it won’t be that healing of an effect on our body.

SS: Exactly. If we are out in nature, we’ll attune ourselves to the bird sounds. Hearing a lot of birds singing is beautiful to anybody, to everybody.

Dr. K: That just has a healing impact on the body, hearing the wind blowing through the leaves. And those type of things.

SS: Exactly. Everything of nature, sound is of nature. I have crystal bowls, and metal bowls. They are all made from the earth. They are all made from nature. And these are our gifts.

Dr. K: So you connected at a very early age, you connected with vibration or vibrational medicine, I should say.  Tell me a little bit about a couple of the experiences that you related to me earlier.

SS: At an early age, like 2 or 3, as far back as I could remember, when I was having a difficult time, I really reached out to spirit for help, and was immediately embraced by the angelic beings, who put me at such ease and had such love, that I couldn’t cry anymore. I was immediately at peace, and it was such an overwhelming feeling. It lasted me for many, many many years.

It happened again when I was about 8 or 9, walking to school, and saw a bush that just started vibrating a lot, and kind of calling to me, and being very sparkly. I went over to that bush and merged my consciousness with it. All the leaves became just super alive, all the veins and all the leaves, super alive. And I could just feel the pulse of life through that. And that’s what I bring with the healing, is that pulse of life to people, with that sound.

Dr. K: And so when you’re working on a person, you can kind of feel what vibrations that are missing, and you’re just bringing that into their life. And then rebalancing their system then, with a sound?

SS: Sometimes it’s something missing. A lot of times it’s obstruction. Too much there, a lot that needs to be cleaned out. The sound does that so beautifully and easily. The sound also shows me visually what needs to happen. Sound is very much connected to the visual. I’m a also a painter. And when I do paintings, these are visual manifestations of the sound, it’s like a freeze-frame of a sound session in essence. It comes from the same energy.

Dr. K: As you’re doing the sound, you’re actually visually seeing the sound, and then able to put it in a painting.

SS: Yeah. One interesting thing is, sound is really the same as color. Color is also a vibration.

Dr. K: But then when a person would then, look at that painting, they would then get that vibration, and they would get that energy, that healing that comes from the color.

SS: And the form, both. So the paintings are healing paintings, and they are energy signatures of a healing space. So when I do a session or when I start a painting, I’m in basically the same state of being, expressing it in two different ways.

Dr. K: Here’s a bowl you brought with you.

SS: This is my old friend.

Dr. K: Is this your old friend? You’ve been hanging out for awhile together?

SS: Yes. I like kind of passing it over a person.

Dr. K: Yeah, you can really feel it, the vibrations.

SS: And what’s happening is your body and your whole system, is just naturally now, attuning to this. It’s introducing a sacred sound into your environment.

Dr. K: Yeah. Well, you’re going to do a little bit of a healing session on me after. So, put me on the table and get me all fixed up.

SS: That’s right, it’s time for a little role-reversal.

Dr. K: Exactly. Now it’s my time to be down there. Thank you very much!

Sound healing session sample

Dr. K: What will take place?
SS: In a sound healing session, first I talk to the person, find out what your concerns are, get to know you a little bit. And we start on the table. So, you get up on the table.

Dr. K: That’s my sign, that’s my cue!
SS: You know how that works. Normally I walk through a meditation with you, maybe between 5 and 10 minutes of just getting into deeper and deeper state of relaxation, meditation. And then, start with the sound.

I also use my voice and I have a number of instruments. This one is my old friend.
Dr. K: It’s amazing how you can feel those vibrations.
SS: Mmm hmm. As the sound begins to work on you, you begin to shift. It’s great for letting go of patterns, of behavior, of thought, old memories. Things that repeat in your life. Makes room for the new, for your new intentions. It goes very deep. Often there is an integration period after the session, as it unfolds in your life.

Dr. K: Thank you very much! That’s wonderful. It’s amazing how you can feel the vibrations, as you are bringing the bowl over, you can just feel the shifts within you.

SS: We are set up to feel vibrations, we are vibrations. So, we vibrate along with the bowl.

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