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On this episode of HealthMade radio  Author and parent, Wayne Rohde and Dr. Michael Karlfeldt Ph.D. discuss various levels of the nationally heated vaccine debate/controversy.  The medical community, trained by pharmaceutical representatives deny most vaccine injuries. Congress and the Supreme Courts never denied vaccines could cause harm, including permanent injury and death to some Americans.

There are risks involved in following the ever-expanding childhood vaccination schedule or going in for the growing number of adult vaccines now recommended for everyone.  The vaccine makers know this, and so does the government.  However, for the ordinary person trusting that “vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives,” there is no real informed consent.


National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, established as a no-fault alternative to the civil courts, and that was supposed to provide efficient, fast, and fair compensation for people injured by vaccines.  

Congress recognized the risk of vaccines and opts to protect manufacturers from liability.

This dirty DTP vaccine was harming 100’s and 1000’s of kids. Vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop the production of vaccines. Congress created an act where families harmed by vaccines could not sue the companies who products permanent damaged or caused death. Doctors and vaccine manufacturers were immune from liability.

If vaccine injury doesn’t exist, then WHY did Congress create a program of immunity for vaccine manufacturers whose products injure and kill American citizens?

“The compensation program was established in 1986 and signed into law by President Reagan. It was a program established to allow families who want to seek compensation for vaccine-related injuries or death. It’s an exclusive remedy, for the most part, for those who have been injured or who have died. The program started as a no-fault program back in 1988. It’s changed now to the point where it’s very difficult for families to migrate through the program. You can file for injuries regarding pain and suffering, physical injuries, disease, disorders that resulted from these vaccines. Most cases are dismissed. ”  


How the Government Makes a Tremendous Amount of Money off the Vaccine Compensation Program

Few among the American public truly understand just how huge the U.S. vaccine market is. Not only do drug companies reap huge profits from vaccines, so too does the U.S. government.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has accumulated $3.8 BILLION in vaccine tax revenue, which is currently “sitting” in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund?

This trust fund was established in 1988 “to compensate vaccine-related injury or death claims for covered vaccines.” The money in this fund comes from a $0.75 excise tax on vaccines recommended by the CDC.

In other words, you the taxpayer fund it – not the drug companies. The U.S. government gets a portion of these taxes on each vaccine as administrative fees. 58 cents goes into the trust fund and the remaining becoming profit for the government.

Their additional profit comes when the government refuses to provide families with vaccine injury compensation. The government hires the best attorneys available (with your tax dollars) to litigate against families with vaccine-damaged children (dead or alive) who are trying to collect from this fund. Those who are successful could spend up to 10 years trying to prove their case in a special court designated for vaccine injury compensation. So the result is that there has always been a surplus in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, 2014 it grew to $3.8 BILLION


There is not much of a remedy for children under this program.

It’s unbelievable what has happened.

This article originally appeared at: https://www.thekarlfeldtcenter.com/the-dark-truth-of-americas-vaccine-injury-compensation-program.