Natural Herbs and Plants Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs and Their Impact on Health

What did people do to treat health conditions before the advent of pharmaceutical drugs? They used natural plants and herbs from nature. And the effectiveness and usefulness of these natural plants and herbs has occurred over thousands of years of time, versus modern, pharmaceutical drugs which have been around for perhaps only a few hundred […]

Demonstration of Herbal Remedies: Direct Resonance Testing

Vibrational medicine is a powerful, new frontier to assist healing in the body. We can use sound and light, and also herbal medicine. All of these contain a certain vibration that is specific to that substance. When you ingest that herb – milk thistle as one example – adds those nutrients or vibrations, to correct […]

How to Avoid and Treat Stroke Without Prescription Drugs

Because the symptoms our bodies signal us with do not exist in isolation, it’s important to emphasize that conditions such as stroke and many others have related causes. Many health conditions can be improved by simply improving diet, lifestyle, reducing stress, inflammation and toxicity in the body. Conventional medical care typically prescribes drugs and / or surgery […]