Correcting Inflammation With a 30-Day Diet Overhaul

Have you ever considered how what you eat and the ingredients in your diet impacts your health? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt shares some ways to correct inflammation with foods to avoid and what to include in our diets to ensure our bodies receive maximum nutrition and support for healing and recovery.  How can we correct inflammation? […]

The Damaging Effects of Gluten in the Diet

Have you experienced challenges eating gluten? Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD describes the impact gluten can have on the digestive tract in causing inflammation and chronic health issues.  If we can heal the gut and prevent the inflammation of the lining, we are moving toward recovery and health. Inflammatory substances include white flour, sugar and unhealthy […]

GAPS Diet Protocol Explanation from Certified GAPS Practitioner and Nutritionist Jennifer Whitney

Jennifer Whitney, CHN, CGP, CHC nutritionist, discusses with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD about the GAPS Diet Protocol from by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride,h MD that was developed to heal Leaky Gut (damage to the gut lining) resulting from less-than-optimal dietary habits and lifestyle for detoxification, recovery and healing, and digestive health support.  Dr. Karlfeldt: With […]