Exercise Warm Up: “The Superman”

Obviously warming up is key before getting going at the gym. And there are a number of different exercises that you can do. One of the exercises, is called “The Superman”. The superman core exercise is a medium-intensity exercise that strengthens your lower back and core muscles by isolating them as you lift your arms […]

Using a Foam Mat: Warm Up, Loosen Muscles, Improve Your Workout

 Learn the benefits of using the foam roller and how to do each exercise in this quick video from Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD. With me I have the Fitness Director over at Axiom Fitness, Mike Hildebrandt. Something when people work out, their muscles get tight and sore, and fill with lactic acid.  And then there are certain tools they […]

Exercise and Movement The Proper Bicep Curls

Of all the dumbbell exercises for biceps, the biceps curl is the most important to learn as it is the foundation that most of the other dumbbell exercises are based.  Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD: With me I have Mike Hildebrandt, he’s the Fitness Director over at Axiom Fitness. One thing that people really like, is obviously to have […]