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When we’re overwhelmed, our bodies tend to react. In fact, certain emotional trauma can cause serious back pain. Stress is one of those things that we all deal with, but often don’t realize just how it’s affecting us physically and impacting our health.

Stress happens when you have more going on than you can handle. It may be too much work to do, or it may be trouble with children or a spouse or even a coworker! Financial troubles are another major cause of stress.

What is Stress Doing To You?

We all handle or “hold” stress in different ways. Some people deal with their stress mentally, thinking so much about a problem that they can’t focus on anything else.

Other people hold stress in their body. This frequently affects your back, starting out with minor pain from tightening your muscles, and resulting in muscles that get tighter and more painful the longer you are stressed.

This often triggers lower back pain, shoulder, or neck pain. Often, the pain results in more stress, more tension, and even more pain until movement is limited.

What Should You Do?

Stay Hydrated

Hydration impacts every single area of our lives, including our ability to cope with stress. Especially when stress is affecting your physical body, it’s vital to drink enough water daily to keep your muscles and joints healthy.

Visit a Chiropractor

Your Chiropractor can’t reduce your stress levels, but he can help you loosen up muscles and joints and restore proper circulation. This will open the neurological pathways and help your body communicate with itself more efficiently!

Seeing a Chiropractor is the first thing you should consider when you’re dealing with back pain, regardless of the cause. Regular adjustments are one way to maintain your overall wellbeing.

Lowering Your Stress Levels

The relationship between the physical body and the emotional state is crucial to understanding how to deal with the cycle of pain that often results from stress. This pain cycle starts by limiting daily functions, causing additional stress as your body refuses to respond with its usual speed. This adds worry to the already stressed mind, contributing to even more pain as the body tenses more.

Eventually, this can lead to even more problems, including adrenal fatigue and depression.

Don’t let stress-induced back pain keep you down! Here are a few ways to reduce your stress levels that are good for your health:

Do you need to see a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or get Nutritional advice? Here at the Karlfeldt Center, we have lots of options to increase your overall health and to reduce stress and physical pain in the most natural ways possible!