Stem Off Surgery with Stem Cell and PRP Injection Event

Do aching joints, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, or knee problems keep you from enjoying the activities and pain-free lifestyle that you used to experience?

Join Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., along with Dr. Craig Smith, M.D. and Dr. Jon Harmon, D.C. as they discuss these highly effective techniques that have little to no downtime or side effects and lead to more efficient recovery times from injuries and age-related degeneration.

In this fun and informative event, we’ll talk about the potential life-changing benefits of stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, as well as Cold Laser Therapy

Stem cell and PRP therapies boost human performance and most importantly, have the ability to create strong, healthy tissue. By revitalizing your own tissue through these anti-aging injectables, you may even be able to delay or forego the need for surgery. Cold laser therapy stimulates healing on a cellular level and is a powerful addition to any treatment, or as a stand-alone therapy. 

In addition to this seminar, there will be free wine tasting and time for questions and casual conversation.

  • When: November 14, 2018 from 7pm to 8pm
  • Where: Eagle Tennis Club, 1650 E Riverside Dr, Eagle, ID 83616
  • Who: Open to the public; registration is required
  • What: a presentation by the doctors, followed by an open question and answer session and mingling, along with a free wine tasting

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Anti-Aging Giveaway!

Attendees of this event will be entered into our anti-aging giveaway! The winner will receive a gift basket which will include:

  • A HOCATT ozone & oxygenation session ($150 value). The HOCATT is a multi-modality health device that synergistically combines Medical Ozone therapy, Carbonic Acid therapy, Whole Body Hyperthermia, Far Infrared therapy, Steam Sauna therapy, Electrotherapy, Ultrasonic therapy, Oxygen Breathing, Photon Light, Color therapy and Aromatherapy into one system. 
  • A Nutritional Microscopy evaluation ($85 value). View your blood cells on the big screen! Discover how well your body is absorbing nutrients, what nutrients your cells are lacking and how you can improve them. 

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