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Stem Cell Therapy

Advanced Regenerative Solutions at The Karlfeldt Center

Welcome to our Stem Cell Therapy services, where groundbreaking regenerative solutions meet cutting-edge medical care at The Karlfeldt Center. If you are seeking innovative treatments for joint pain, arthritis, tendinitis, and more, our advanced stem cell therapies may provide the relief and healing you’ve been looking for.

Amniotic Membrane Stem Cell Injections: A Revolutionary Approach

For many individuals grappling with knee osteoarthritis, Achilles tendinitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, and degenerative arthritis, traditional treatment options may feel limited. At The Karlfeldt Center, we offer a new frontier in regenerative medicine: amniotic membrane stem cell injections.

It’s important to note that our stem cells are derived from the amniotic sac, not embryos. Ethical and morally sound, our amniotic stem cells come from consenting donors who undergo a stringent screening process. This source ensures the highest quality stem cells without raising any ethical concerns.

How It Works

Harnessing the Power of Regeneration

Amniotic tissue is a treasure trove of biologically active factors with regenerative properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fibrotic qualities. Stem cells derived from the amniotic sac have the potential to transform into various cell types, contributing to the body’s natural healing processes.

Our qualified physicians precisely inject amniotic tissues into the affected joint using ultrasound technology for pinpoint accuracy. The anti-inflammatory properties of these stem cells, akin to cortisone and steroids, stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities. Paired with hyaluronic acid, which promotes joint lubrication and mobility, this treatment offers a holistic approach to pain relief.

Benefits of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy:

1.Steroid-Free Healing

Amniotic stem cells rely on naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents, avoiding the use of steroids.

2.Lubrication and Cartilage Growth

Hyaluronic acid provides lubrication for cartilage and supports new cartilage growth.

3.Tissue Regeneration

Amniotic stem cells stimulate tissue regeneration through the release of growth factors.

3.Anti-Inflammatory Healing

The therapy’s anti-inflammatory properties work within the body to facilitate healing.

4.Minimal Risk of Rejection

Due to the nature of amniotic stem cells, the risk of rejection is minimal.

5.High Concentration of Stem Cells

Amniotic fluid boasts the most concentrated source of stem cells, surpassing embryonic and patient-derived stem cells.

Safety and Effectiveness

Are You a Candidate for Stem Cell Treatment at The Karlfeldt Center?

If you’re experiencing joint, tendon, or ligament pain, you may be an ideal candidate for our stem cell therapy. Our orthopedic doctor specializes in treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions, offering personalized consultations to determine eligibility.

Schedule Your Stem Cell Consultation Today!

Embark on a transformative journey toward pain relief and regeneration with our Stem Cell Therapy at The Karlfeldt Center. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our orthopedic doctor and explore the possibilities of regaining mobility and vitality.

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