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Nutritionist, integrative gastrointestinal endocrine specialist and author, Dr. Lindsey Berkson, joins Dr. Michael Karlfeldt on this episode of HealthMade radio to discuss her book, “Sexy Brain”. She explains how hormones rule the brain, love is under attack, and the reasons why we’re all fighting a battle between our toxic environment and our intimate lives.  

We live in a world that’s a toxic soup with hormone-altering chemicals that attack our hormones, and thus they’re attacking our brain tissue. 

Dr. Lindsey Berkson began her clinical practice in the late 1970s and her lecture career in training physicians of all modalities at the same time. She is recognized as one of the pioneers of functional medicine. She has taught, written, and researched the role of nutrition in health care, with an emphasis on digestion, hormones, and female health. Her original book Healthy Digestion the Natural Way was used to train physicians by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the largest training body of integrative MDs reaching 120 countries. This book was one of the first books to highlight the role of the gut in the body, mind, spirit and medicine realms. She is respected for connecting the dots of diverse research as well as participating in original research published in peer review journals. And she is appreciated for combining “smart” plus “heart.” Dr. Berkson designed the first natural nutraceutical for menopause, FEM ESTRO, and the first line of natural products for physicians to nutritionally support diverse female conditions, FEM LINE by Metagenics. She worked in the first multi-disciplinary clinic in the US—The Center for Orthomolecular Medicine—in Palo Alto, in the early 1980s. Her emphasis is the “functional” approach to health care. This focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of illness as contrasted to the “allopathic” perspective that often emphasizes medications for symptom management. She is the author of several books including Safe Hormones, Smart Women; Hormone Deception; Sexy Brain. Dr. Berkson supports the “integrative” approach—emphasizing collaboration—where doctors work together as a team to help the patient get off meds (if possible), get well, and stay well. Today, it takes a “village” to keep us well.

Health is what you make it!