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In this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Dr. Ralf Kleef regarding Revolutionary Cancer Therapies. Since 1998 the scientists and collaborators of the Institute for thermo-and immunotherapy under the leadership of Dr. Ralf Kleef dedicate their efforts to the discovery, development, and application of advanced integrative cancer therapies.

 “My first experience with the power of heat was a Native American Indian sweat lodge when I was 19. I was deeply impressed by the shamanistic ritual of the Native Americans. I participated in several sweat lodges during a United Nations conference in Geneva, and I was deeply moved by the experience.

Then, more than ten years later, I encountered hyperthermia in one of the first German clinics that applied hyperthermia as heat treatment for cancer. That immediately fascinated me. At that clinic, I was also introduced to fever therapy for cancer, active fever therapy with pyrogens, using Coley’s toxins. The treatment itself with Coley’s toxins wasn’t that dramatically effective, but it caught my sincere attention.” – Dr. Kleef

In this episode, learn about:

  • The History of Immunology
  • Outcome Research
  • The Importance of Primary Cancer Prevention 
  • Attentive Individualized Treatment Approaches to Cancer
  • Fever Therapy Application
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More About Dr. Ralf Kleef

Ralf Kleef, MD, has a private practice in Vienna, Austria. He led a commission to examine fever therapy of cancer for the Office of Alternative Medicine in the National Institutes of Health from 1996 to 1998. He serves as a training manager for the Naturopathic Physician Module in Germany. He is a sworn, court-certified expert for hyperthermia and complementary medicine in Austria. 

Ralf Kleef, MD: Unlocking the Power of the Immune System Against Cancer from the US LIBRARY OF MEDICINE NIH


Book recommendation:  Radical Remission

Connect with Dr. Kleef

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ralf.kleef/

Website: https://www.integrativeimmuneoncology.com/
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