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In this episode, Dr. Karlfeldt interviews Dr. Douglas Phillips of Theocentric Holistic Healing

Douglas J. Phillips had previously practiced General Dentistry for over thirty-eight years.  In the late 1970’s, his traditional, restorative practice began to shift to a more specialized focus–patients with chronic headache, facial pain, and jaw dysfunction.  He became increasingly interested in why some of these patients healed with traditional treatments, while others did not.

In search of answers, Doug Phillips began to study Biological Dentistry in the early 1990s.  This is an extension of dentistry which is concerned with the dental contributions to chronic illness.  He learned that the body’s immune and autonomic nervous system (the systems in charge of our survival) need to be cleansed of toxins and pathogens, many of which are lodged in the jaw, before healing can occur.

As a result of his studies, Doug Phillips incorporated Biological Dentistry into his practice.  He created Biological Evaluation for patients who were not responding predictably to traditional treatment.  Through this extensive interview and examination, information was gathered regarding the patient’s teeth, jaw, bite, body, psycho-emotional status, and lifestyle habits.

Next, using Autonomic Response Testing and Direct Resonance Testing, the organisms and toxins present in the jaw, as well as the corresponding dysfunctioning organs and glands of the body, were identified.  These were the pathogens that needed to be eliminated for healing to begin and health restored. Doug Phillips now treats people with chronic pain and illness using natural means. Herbal nutraceuticals and antimicrobial immune system peptides that kill unwanted organisms, natural supplements of very high purity that rebuild and nourish, non-drug detoxification of heavy metals, toxic solvents, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides and an advanced integrated desensitizing procedure is used in his natural practice of Theocentric Holistic Healing. Applied Psycho Neurobiology and Family Systemic Therapy are used to manage the all-important emotional aspect present in all diseases.