Resource Guide for Parents Considering Alternatives to Vaccination

Parents who want to make educated, informed decisions about their children’s health have an interest in understanding the facts and risks of vaccination as well as safe and successful alternatives for protecting their children’s health, immune system function, and well-being. This article is intended to help those who may be newly considering options to vaccination. 

Informed Consent in health choices is relevant to these options, and pertinent to enable the ability to make choices using science and resources for further inquiry and research in that process. 

What is Informed Consent?

As a parent, you have a right to choose or refuse any type of medical treatment, whether conventional or holistic; with emphasis on parental choice. In other words, the parent retains ultimate authority to decide what is best for his or her own child, not another entity including corporation and government. 

Let’s say a child receives a diagnosis of cancer from a doctor and the parents agree to conventional treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and possibly surgery. Given the nature of these type of treatments, the child is very likely to experience pain, discomfort and the chance of death. I think we need to ask some important questions: why are we willing to legislate the punishment of a parent who chooses alternative medical treatment when children who have received conventional treatment die on a regular basis? Why don’t we prosecute parents or the medical system for children who are made to suffer or are killed when they use the conventional medical system? 

The truth is, children die in both instances. According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. There are children who undergo conventional treatment for diseases like cancer and die anyway.  Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D., N.M.D., D.O., discusses why the conventional medical approach doesn’t “cure” disease or make people well, and that the drugs used to treat cancer are known carcinogens. For Stage IV cancer in America, the survival rate of conventional treatment is about 2%. 

Dr. Johnson states: “The drugs are hastening their [patients] death.” He goes on to say that almost no one in America dies of a primary tumor unless the tumor is given long enough to metastasize. What they die of, typically, is the treatment, or side-effects of the treatment, itself.

If we define the gold standard of treatment as conventional while anything else is considered “child neglect”, we are going down a slippery slope. We are in effect, criminalizing parents who choose something other than conventional medical care, while conventional medical care is just as likely or more to cause suffering and death.

In 2017 in the Idaho legislature, after passing by one vote in the Senate State Affairs Committee, this bill went on to the Senate floor the following day and was defeated 11 – 24. Concerned parents and residents and those from other states monitoring this event were relieved, but disappointed that so many senators voted it down because the language of the legislation “didn’t go far enough” in controlling parental choice for the “safety” of the child.

This type of legislation is being generated in other states in the U.S. In California, SB277, a bill making vaccines for school and daycare attendance compulsory was passed in 2015 and went into effect the following year. There are other pieces of legislation being introduced into the legislative bodies in this and other states, challenging parental authority and choice.  

Lawmakers are creating these bills because they believe they need to “redefine” child neglect laws and criminalize parents who opt for choices other than conventional medical care.  Jean Fischer, Deputy Prosecutor from Ada County (ID) believes that if a parent chooses alternative treatments (i.e. vitamins) for illnesses, it is a perfect case for CPS involvement and force the family into compliance.

What about a child that has an allergy or intolerance to a medication or treatment? If a child is forced to receive recommended treatment by a doctor who decides to override this type of issue: what then? What if the reaction is dangerous enough to put the child into anaphylaxis, seizure, or death?

Does taking a child out of his or her home and forcing medical treatment take into account the child’s mental and emotional state of being, or that of the parents?  In most situations, it would be considered inhumane and cruel to not recognize the trauma associated with taking a child away from its family, regardless of the reason. What disturbs me most is that neither of these considerations were discussed by the legislators during the sessions where the bill was debated. I know because I attended.

We may think we need more laws “protecting” children, but tearing a family apart doesn’t protect a child. It destroys families. 

Informed consent has been violated if:

  • A practitioner or nurse has ever failed to provide adequate information on the risks, side-effects of a treatment, drug or procedure
  • If you have been coerced by a medical or health professional into making a decision that you don’t feel comfortable with or informed about
  • If you or your child have been vaccinated without consent
  • If you have ever been told vaccines are mandatory, and that there will be consequences if you do not submit to vaccination or to having your child vaccinated
  • If you are pressured into signing forms or waivers that you have not read and/or fully understood

Freedom isn’t actually freedom, unless it applies to everyone.  When a law forces citizens to receive a medical treatment or drug against the will of those who oppose it, that law is a violation of basic human rights.  It is also a violation of Informed Consent.

It is unethical to place pressure on anyone to submit to a medical procedure or treatment that they don’t feel comfortable doing. This is what is meant by Informed Consent. Informed Consent assumes that when you make decisions about your health, you have knowledge of the ingredients and side-effects of drugs, treatments, and procedures you could or would be receiving for yourself or your child.

Only a minority of prospective vaccine recipients or their parents or guardians know and understand ingredient/content facts or are provided with factual information about a vaccines. They are not informed about risks of the ingredients, contraindications or adverse reactions for each biologic. This is because health care professionals don’t know or don’t provide this information, and don’t provide parents with the package insert that accompanies each vaccine. Ingredients include heavy metals, viruses, foreign DNA, cell particles, excipients, drugs including antibiotics, bacteria, fungi, adjuvants and nano-particles.

Fluoride in water is a prime example of health freedom violations because it is the only drug that is forced upon the population without its express consent, and with no dosage control. Read more about the toxicity of fluoride in water, toothpastes, and other products, and from Fluoride Alert.

In medical and health environments, it is common for patients to not be told that vaccines are mandatory, whether they actually are.  Some states such as California, have now passed a mandatory vaccination law.

For a list of laws by state and how to obtain exemptions in your state where allowed, visit the National Vaccine Information Center.

For information on vaccine package inserts, visit Immunize.org.

Vaccine ingredients

Dangerous ingredients are used in vaccines that have been shown as harmful to human health including Thimerosol (mercury), aluminum, antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), squalene, gelatin, polysorbate 80, and aborted human fetal cell tissue are described in this article from the World Mercury Project

Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD on how injecting human fetal cells in recipients causes alterations in DNA, brain damage and autism

Anthony Samsel discusses glyphosate in vaccines from gelatin, (glyphosate is the active ingredient found in Roundup, herbicide produced by Monsanto)

Stephanie Seneff, PhD interview with Jeffery Smith on the dangers of glyphosate to the environment and human health 

Toxicologist Ashley Cates discusses vaccines and ingredients that cause health challenges

Ingredients found in vaccines, list from the CDC

Reactions and side effects from vaccines

Many parents are now coming forward providing testimonials about reactions their children have experienced following vaccination. Here are testimonials from parents discussing their experience with vaccine-injury / results of vaccination. The CDC web site provides a list of vaccine side-effects, and many of these are similar to what you will find if you read the vaccine or product inserts for specific vaccines described under Adverse Events or Reactions.

Unless you request the insert for the vaccine from your medical doctor or nurse during consultation, it is likely you will only receive a colorful, one-page sheet which doesn’t provide comprehensive manufacturer’s information about physiological reactions to vaccines. 

Medical professionals questioning vaccines

There are a number of health professionals who support this position as well. Here is a partial list of medical doctors that recognize the risks of vaccines to human health. These individuals are not anti-vaccine, rather they have examined the literature and have encountered real-world, clinical examples of vaccine injuries in their own practices. 

Toni Bark, M.D. 

Suzanne Humphries, M.D.

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD.

Paul Thomas, M.D.

Lawrence Palevsky, M.D.

Meryl Nass, M.D.

Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

Dr. Donald W. Miller, M.D.

Susan McCreadie, M.D.

Nancy Banks, M.D.

Robert Rowen, M.D.

David Davis, M.D. 

Here is a larger list of medical and health professionals with concerns about the risks of vaccines. 

Recommended: the film The Greater Good, produced by Leslie Manookian.

The myth of herd immunity

From Health Freedom Idaho: “True immunity is only granted through natural exposure to a disease. Artificial exposure through vaccination is not true immunity. Any questionable immunity gained through vaccination inevitably wanes over time.  Thus, the need for booster shots later.

This can be proven quite simply. Here’s why: Did you know they used to teach doctors in medical school that childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime? This was believed for over 70 years.

It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that immunity from vaccination is not permanent. What this means is that at least 1/2 the population, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they were vaccinated for very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population has been “unprotected” for decades.

Over half of us are NON-VACCINATED! We’ve been going to churches, schools, parks, and swimming pools for years with non-vaccinated people and yet somehow we are all still alive!” [Be sure to watch the video with Forrest Maready and Dr. Suzanne Humphries at this link].

More discussion from health professionals:

Kelly Brogan, M.D.

Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Recommended book titles on vaccine education 

Vaccines, Autism and Childhood Disorders: Crucial Data that Could Save Your Child’s Life by Neil Z. Miller

In this book you will learn more about:

  • Autism, a complex health disorder that causes brain damage, immune dysfunction, harmful, and a shutdown in response and communication to and with other people 
  • The rapidly increasing rates of of the disorder and related issues and how these closely parallel the increase of recommended vaccines on the CDC schedule 
  • Discussion of specific studies citing the relationship between vaccines and autism in certain individuals, while health authorities persist in denial about the connection between autism and vaccines. 
  • Congressional efforts to expose the truth with summaries of vaccine studies on both sides of the debate

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk

In this book you will learn more about: 

  • Vaccination history and how “vaccine-preventable diseases” have evolved 
  • Historical, effective treatments of these diseases
  • Alternative methods of treatment of “vaccine-preventable diseases” and mortality rates

Vaccine-Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy by Kate Birch, RS Hom(NA), CCH, CMT

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • Vaccine damage symptoms
  • Use of homeopathy as an alternative to “vaccine-preventable” diseases
  • Understanding the relationship between homeopathy and disease treatment
  • Gain a better understanding of childhood fevers
  • Understand how the immune system functions from birth through adult years

Vaccine-Free: 111 Stories of Unvaccinated Children by Andreas Bachmair

In this book you will read about:

Testimonials from parents who chose not to vaccinate their children and the outcomes they experienced. The author of this book maintains the web site www.vaccineinjury.info, and offers thorough and comprehensive scientific survey on the state of health of unvaccinated children.

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child by Dr. Robert W. Sears, MD, FAAP (pediatrician)

In this book you will learn more about: 

  • Comprehensive discussion of diseases, how common or rare diseases are and the reality of how serious or benign the disease is
  • Vaccine ingredients
  • Possible side effects of the vaccine 
  • Updated information on each vaccine and disease 
  • Detailed discussions of combination vaccines
  • New section about adult vaccines 
  • Additional options for alternative vaccine schedules 
  • Guide to Canadian vaccinations  

Vaccine Safety Manual For Concerned Families and Health Practitioners by Neil Z. Miller

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • Legal rights for opting out of vaccines
  • Vaccine side effects from specific diseases. Examples include implications for the polio vaccine and others “required” for travel
  • The accurate statistics on the health risks associated with the individual vaccines.

Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource for All Ages  by Sherri Tenpenny, DO.

In this book you will learn more about:

  • Scientific evidence showing how vaccines cause health damage
  • Necessary evidence to support a decision to opt out of vaccination for you and your family
  • Vaccine exemptions and how to opt out of vaccination

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