Raw Foods / Juicing Protocol Benefits

Have you heard about the health benefits of raw foods which contain enzymes that are necessary to deliver nutrients to the body and enable detoxification? 

In a world where the nutrients in our food supply have diminished significantly over the last 150+ years since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and toxin levels in our food and environment continue to rise, raw foods are indeed an effective tool for health. Learn more in this discussion from Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD. 

Raw foods supply a huge amount of enzymes over and above the minerals and vitamins we desperately need. Enzymes work to reduce inflammation by breaking down foreign proteins in the blood that cause inflammation. Enzymes facilitate the removal of these proteins via your blood stream or lymphatic system, and eliminates fibrin which is a clotting material that can prolong inflammation. The presence of enzymes in the diet also helps to reduce edema in these inflamed regions – another symptom and common indicator of chronic disease conditions. 

An easy way to supply a lot of enzymes – along with vitamins and minerals – is by juicing raw fruits and vegetables such as carrots, or beets, celery, apples and others. This practice provides a very easy way to absorb nutrients because it greatly reduces the amount of effort it takes for your body to digest nutrients in those foods. The fiber is removed; fiber is good for you, but in some cases you need a quick source of easy-to-digest nutrients in your bloodstream. Juicing is an effective and efficient way to deliver these nutrients easily to your bloodstream, and within 20 minutes or so those are delivered to where your body needs them … helping to alkalize the body and remove toxins effectively.

Juicing is so powerful that in some well-known cancer therapies such as Gerson, a substantial amount of juicing is used – up to several quarts per day – to supply heavy, rich, alkalized nutrients into your body, and facilitate the removal of toxic waste. Juicing is used in conjunction with coffee enemas to flood the body with important, live phyto nutrients and remove toxins from the liver, enabling the body systems to perform more healthfully and optimally.

– Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD. 

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