Quantum Computers with Quantum Physicists Shohini Ghose

Quantum computers are revolutionizing computers and are paving the way for innovations — for example, in medicine and the Internet of Things. In this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Quantum Physicist Shohini Ghose, who explains how quantum technology holds the potential to transform medicine. 

Quantum physics has already changed our lives. Thanks to the invention of the laser and the transistor — both products of quantum theory — almost every electronic device we use today is an example of quantum physics in action. We may now be on the brink of a second quantum revolution as we attempt to harness even more of the power of the quantum world. Quantum computing and quantum communication could impact many sectors, including healthcare, energy, finance, security, and entertainment. Shohini Ghose explores the strange quantum world of atoms and photons to understand the fundamental laws of the universe and harness them for quantum computing and communication. As a physicist, she works in the field of quantum mechanics, which theorizes that there is a probability for a particle to be found in two different locations at a given time — something that seems unthinkable.

Key points:

  • How is a Quantum Computer different from a regular computer?
  • What can a Quantum Computer do that a regular computer cannot do?
  • Do we have functional Quantum Computers now?
  • What engineering obstacles arise when working on larger scale computers?
  • If you were able to look into the future, how would you see Quantum Computing develop 10-15 years from now?
  • Learn about all the ways we could take advantage of quantum computing for different areas of life, such as communication.

Shohini Ghose is a multi-award-winning quantum physicist and Professor of Physics and Computer Science at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is the President (2019-2020) of the Canadian Association of Physicists, the Co-Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Physics, and the Director of the Laurier Centre for Women in Science. She was a 2014 TED Fellow and is a 2018 TED Senior Fellow. In 2019 she was featured on the Star TV show TED Talks India Nayi Baat hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. In 2017 she was elected to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists.

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