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Concentrated from your own blood, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) provides growth and healing factors that reduce pain, regenerate tissue, and repair cells. Bioactive proteins, growth factors, and white blood cells are concentrated in the platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is separated from the red blood cells via centrifugation, creating a highly concentrated form of PRP that is then injected back into damaged joints and tissue.

Your own blood cells contain everything your body needs for healing. 

One of the most progressive therapies available for those who are trying to improve their joint health without resorting to surgery, platelet-rich plasma treatment may also eliminate the need for prolonged use of medication during the healing process.  While the common treatments such as corticosteroid injections do provide temporary relief and reduction of inflammation, PRP injections stimulate and speed up the healing process, shortening the overall recovery time and reducing side effects.  

Healing comes from within

One of the major benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma comes from the fact that it is fully natural and organic, coming from your own body. The chances that your body will reject this treatment are virtually nonexistent because PRP comes from your own body and is a concentration of the growth factors that are already working towards your healing.  

This treatment is minimally invasive and requires almost no down-time.  After the injection is completed, the body immediately goes to work repairing itself as concentrated growth factors stimulate a rapid healing response. 

The PRP Process

Platelet Rich Plasma acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, recruiting white blood cells to clean up damaged tissue.  As the clean-up process is taking place, the PRP then recruits stem cells from nearby blood and tissue and stimulates them to secrete the healing extracellular matrix.  

Should you consider PRP?  

If you’re dreading the idea of surgery for a joint, tendon, or ligament-related injury and desire to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, Platelet Rich Plasma may be for you.  

Using the inherent regenerative processes found in the patient’s own body, PRP is a supercharged “cocktail” of healing growth factors. This stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself, repairing connective tissue and bones, promoting the development of new blood vessels, and accelerating wound healing.  

PRP can be injected into joints, tendons, and ligaments all over the body.  

To schedule a PRP consultation with our orthopedic doctor for joint, tendon, and ligament injuries, please contact us. We’re in Meridian, a short drive outside of Boise, and the trip is well worth it to be treated by the best naturopathic healthcare providers in Idaho.