Skinny Sleep




Over the past 50 years, average sleep duration has decreased by 1.5-2 hours per night. Whereas our grandparents were getting a healthy 8-9 hours per night, the average person today sleeps 7 hours or fewer. Meanwhile, obesity rates continue to rise. Globally, 13% of adults are obese, 39% are overweight, and one-in-five children and adolescents are overweight. In the U.S. alone, 49.1 adults are considered obese, as chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease also skyrocket. As sleep deprivation rises alongside obesity rates, you might wonder if there’s a connection. And you’d be right!

This eBook, by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, will show you how to lose those extra pounds by helping you get a better night’s sleep! This guide is a distillation of many years of clinical work to show you that, as much as exercise and diet play a role in fat loss, the secret to real and lasting physiological change isn’t happening at the gym — it’s happening while you sleep. Plus, you’ll get a full rundown of Dr. Karlfeldt’s “Skinny Sleep Protocol” and quick tips and tools to start making profound changes today.