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Looking for a natural way to support immunity, recovery from disease and overall wellness?

Vitamin C is very effective in resolving illness, along with plenty of rest, avoiding toxins and consuming a traditional, real food diet. 

For acute health issues including flu, colds, childhood disease, constipation and other issues, take Liposomal Vitamin C in teaspoon doses every 1/2 hour to bowel tolerance, then scale back. 

High doses of Vitamin C are safe and can resolve many illnesses including pneumonia, respiratory ailments, colds, flus, sore throats (including strep), and childhood diseases. This approach has proved to work where conventional medicine fails, and the body can develop natural immunity and life-long protection against other disease including cancer. Read about the benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C and intravenous (IV) Vitamin C here.

Watch these informative presentations on the importance of Vitamin C from Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D., internist and nephrologist:

Short version

Long version

Vitamin C and sepsis 

Sepsis is a secondary condition that can develop from various illness including respiratory infections such as sinus, bronchitis, and pneumonia. it is important to keep in mind that conditions such as pneumonia and meningitis – which can lead to sepsis if left untreated – are NOT contagious. These are secondary conditions that can arise after a cold or flu. What matters is the terrain or health of the individual: immunity, nutrition, exposure to toxins and support from rest, stress relief, etc. Read more: Why diet, environment, toxin exposure and lifestyle MATTER.

Keep in mind: even if you received ALL available vaccines for meningitis, it wouldn’t guarantee protection from those strains AND does nothing to protect against the MANY other causes. One could argue that piercing the skin, which bypasses many important immune system functions and injecting antigens along with toxins (which are intentionally put in vaccines so that they “work”) could *create* a short-cut to the meninges and blood stream, which could be why some people develop meningitis shortly after receiving vaccines (which is not limited to meningitis vaccine, but others as well).

What about vaccines?

Some children who receive vaccines appear to be “fine”. However, there are many health disorders associated with vaccines which have been dismissed as “normal”, but have been confirmed to be connected to vaccines by science, doctors, parents reports, and the vaccine inserts themselves. Many vaccine inserts list symptoms or reactions that are repudiated by conventional medical thinking as having a connection to vaccines. Some include autism, seizures, digestive and bowel disorders, eczema, behavior and mood disorders, ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and other infections, headaches, asthma, muscle pain/stiffness, fevers, neurological damage, auto-immune diseases, and more. 

Other vaccines or root causes have been directly linked to sickness and disease including polio, smallpox and Zika. These “diseases” have been misdiagnosed or found to be attributed not to viruses but toxins including DDT and BHC used decades ago. Read more about polio from GreenMedInfo.

Other diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and even the flu are not life-threatening. Populations have contracted these diseases for centuries and survived, and been granted natural immunity as a result. After the body builds natural immunity, protection against other disease such as cancer is present. Here is one study citing protection from having contracted mumps.

While there are reports which claim human deaths have resulted from these diseases, it is critical to examine individual causes of death and include other factors that are inevitably involved in the mortality of these illnesses. In a majority of cases, malnutrition and sanitation are present. In third-world countries, for example, these conditions are typically present. Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as just two examples, have been found to be extremely effective against disease such as measles. If administered, they have a high success rates for recovery.

When we consider these and other factors such as the fact that vaccines contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury (just to name a few) which are recognized by the WHO and EPA as carcinogenic, conventional medical intervention such as vaccination becomes more of a risky proposition.

Read more from the Weston A. Price Foundation about the role of nutrients for healing disease and vaccination:

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Traditional remedies for childhood illness

Read No Vaccine Needed: Natural & Effective Healing Protocols for Disease on how conditions such as pertussis, chicken pox, shingles, meningitis, influenza, mumps, measles, rubella, hepatitis B, polio, small pox and anthrax can be successfully treated with Vitamin C, with scientific and medical discussion and references.

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