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In this free class, you'll discover:

Outsmart Cancer & Beat the Odds

Too many people wait until cancer shows up before they take action.

This reactive approach is why over 2 million Americans each year are diagnosed with cancer—and 600,000+ lose their lives to it.

In fact, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 2.4 women will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime.

Cancer isn’t just a possibility — it’s a probability.

But we can turn this around by going directly to the source of cancer… your cells.

A Proven Blueprint to Cancer-Proof Your Cells

Imagine you could know exactly what to do to mitigate your risk of getting cancer.

What would you do differently? What choices would you make? How could you help your family and friends make the right choices, too?

Taking a PROactive approach is how we can slash this number and the devastating effect cancer has on our loved ones.

In this groundbreaking free masterclass, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD, will reveal the keys to creating cancer-resistant cells and a body that repels disease.

You’ll uncover:

  • The hidden causes of cancer at the cellular level
  • Simple, proactive strategies to energize, detoxify, and fortify your cells
  • Targeted nutrition and lifestyle protocols you can implement immediately
  • Breakthrough diagnostic tools, tests, and analytics that give you a direct window into the health of your cells so you can apply targeted, personalized optimization strategies


This class takes place on Wednesday, June 19, at 6:00pm MT.

Register now to get your free pass into this exclusive virtual event which will show you how to create cancer-resistant cells and fortify your health