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Poly-MVA Cancer Treatment Services offered by the Karlfeldt Center of Idaho.

What is Poly-MVA?

Poly-MVA is a non-conventional dietary food supplement and proprietary blend consisting of a unique formula of nutrients: Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes (also known as Poly-MVA) falling under a class of polymer also known as orthomolecular molecules, comprised of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids such as rhodium, ruthenium, thiamine, molybdenum, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, formyl methionine and acetylcysteine.

These complexes are known as nucleotide reductases – enzymes that catalyze a chemical reduction to protect RNA and DNA. The unique combination of these molecules are unalterably bound with Vitamin B1 and palladium (a mineral) through an exclusive patent that uses the distinct characteristics of these elements to effectively address cancer promoting patterns.

The supplement was patented in 1991 by Dr. Merrill Garnett, biochemist and researcher for over forty years, and founder of Garnett McKeen Laboratory. The approach is based on the recognition that cancer cells rely on simple sugars and the presence of an anaerobic (low-oxygen) environment for metabolic growth and cell replication. Dr. Garnett’s Poly-MVA product disrupts the metabolic development of the cancer cell while also supporting the conversion of cancer causing free radicals to water and energy.

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Merrill Garnett started lengthy and arduous research to determine how to use an effective molecular compound for restoring healthy pathways for the normal growth and development of cells. He wanted to know how to correct dysfunctional energy pathways of cells that were mutating again and again – known as cancerous cells – and cause them instead to regenerate normally or enter apoptosis, the natural cell death cycle. Cancer originates because of dysfunction in how energy in the cell is produced. 

He learned that the introduction of alternative energy pathways not only protects normal cells but selectively alters the production of dysfunctional cells, thereby reducing the overall risk of cancerous development.

Through testing of 20,000+ compounds, he discovered the combination of alpha lipoic acid – a powerful antioxidant – and B-1 (thiamine) produced a compound that could safely affect the energy pathways of cancer cells. This type of complex is soluble or dissolved, both in water and fat and can easily make its way through the body to penetrate the cell wall membrane of all cell types – normal and cancerous – and access the mitochondria (the chemical producers of energy and “powerhouses” of the cell) to affect how the cell produces energy. Thus, Poly-MVA was discovered.

The body becomes compromised and out-of-balance by a lack of essential nutrients. The supplement Dr. Garnett created addressed these nutritional deficiencies that can set the stage for the initiation of cancer and other related diseases.

Chemotherapeutics and radiation therapy rely on the presence of electrons. Poly-MVA also provides electrons that not only boost the effectiveness of medical therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiation but provides protection to cells while silencing cancer stem cells that mobilize during such therapies.

Poly-MVA protects and repairs damaged genes as a way of maintaining optimal metabolic cellular activity. Rather than destroying “abnormal” cells, Poly-MVA mimics the pathway/cellular process to heal mutated cells by addressing dysfunctional energy system production, a major culprit of cancer.  The idea of converting cancer cells to normal cells by fixing their energy pathways is quite a departure from traditional therapies of just attacking the cancer cells with chemo, radiation, or surgery. Not that these therapies are never needed. While potentially shrinking the tumor their impact can be destructive to healthy cells and the immune system while also activating dormant cancer stem cells. Poly MVA can be an excellent support to mitigate some of the detrimental effects of these therapies while at the same time potentiate their effect on the cancer.

Use of Poly-MVA allows the following which are critical for detoxification, promoting health and homeostasis or health in the body:

  • Energy production
  • Cellular protection (against oxidative stress)
  • Improves and supports immunity
  • Generates ATP (primary carrier of energy in cells) and water within cell environments to produce hydrolysis for energy release (fuel cellular processes)
  • Detoxifies the liver (the largest organ in the body besides the skin) for optimal detoxification
  • Promotes metabolic assistance for proper PH and to provide essential minerals that maintain various organ systems and cellular functions in the body

Interview of Al Sanchez about Poly MVA

Studies showing the effectiveness of Poly-MVA as a mitigator of damage caused by radiation for cancer treatment:

When administered beforehand, the use of Poly-MVA with and without radiation was shown to enhance anti-tumor effects of radiation. When administering Poly-MVA once daily for 2 weeks following radiation therapy, DNA protection was granted in peripheral blood, and also provided protection against radiation-caused reduction of platelet count.

Administration of Poly-MVA showed a reduction of radiation induced DNA damage when given to laboratory animals exposed to lethal doses of whole-body gamma-radiation. The use of Poly-MVA provided a significant decrease in mortality caused by gamma-radiation exposure and also aided in recovery from body weight reduction due to radiation use in surviving mice post-gamma-radiation exposure.

Safety testing

A toxicological study has been performed by Calvert Laboratories, Inc via intravenous and oral doses. Mice received 5,000 daily with no signs of organ damage nor reported deaths. Typical human doses are 20 mg/kg.

Palladium, a mineral and main ingredient in Poly-MVA, shares many chemical properties with platinum. While platinum coordination complexes are known for their genotoxic and carcinogenic effects, palladium shows no mutagenic properties. In a cytokinesis-block micronucleus test (MNT) or SOS chromo test, palladium showed no genotoxicity for bacterial or mammalian cells. 

In a university Phase I safety study at using intravenous and oral administration: no SAEs (Severe Adverse Events) were reported in Poly-MVA doses of 10 mL/daily for varying time periods. There were nine AE (Adverse Events) recorded that were considered possibly related to the study compound. Possible events include: headache, increased urination, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, leg cramps, increased excitement, and fatigue after cessation of the compound.

More information on safety testing:

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