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Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is one of the most interesting and promising approaches for the treatment of various cancers and illnesses.

From outside of the body it is quite difficult to apply sufficient laser power into deep tissue (e.g. bloodstream, joints, spinal nerves, or tumors) due to the barrier function of the skin. The skin absorbs 70% of light energy that is needed to reach deep tissue. We are able to overcome the skin barrier using new approaches of intravenous (IV), interstitial (tissue), and intraarticular (joint) by bringing the light directly into the bloodstream, significantly improving therapeutic results.

Non-toxic dyes known as photosensitizers are administered systemically, locally, or intravenously, and accumulate in the tumor or other lesions. Intravenous and interstitial illumination with visible or infra-red laser light excites the sensitizer, which in the presence of oxygen, produces reactive oxygen species that mediate cytotoxic effects. Undesirable cells such as infectious microbial cells or malignant cancer cells can be selectively killed by this approach.

Cancerous lungs on the left before PDT. On the right, the same lungs cancer free just one month after PDT.

At the Karlfeldt Center, we use a combination of oxygen therapies (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone IV, Hocatt) to elevate the level of oxygen in the cancer cells, and the intravenous use of photosensitizer Nano ICG that will accumulate in cancer cells and remain in the cells for approximately 2 weeks while the patient receives intravenous and interstitial laser light, along with vitamin C, artesunate, Poly MVA, and curcumin IVs, to selectively kill cancer cells.

Watch Dr. Karlfeldt's talk on Photodynamic Therapy to learn about this powerful therapy!

Intravenous PDT (IV)

Intravenous PDT brings light directly to the bloodstream through optic fibers inserted through a catheter in a vein. The blood is exposed to different colors and wavelengths of laser light. This process, called blood irradiation, heightens the body’s immune response to kill infections, circulating tumor cells, and tumor stem cells.

Each wavelength and color has a different depth and purpose


  • Regeneration
  • Strong Anti-Inflammatory
  • Cooling
  • Acute Pain Reduction
  • Wound Healing
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Parasitic


  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Acute Inflammations
  • Improved Defense Mechanisms
  • Improved Glucose Metabolism
  • Increases Oxygen Supply in the Blood
  • Stimulation of Mitochondria


  • Anti-Depressive – Improves Serotonin & Vitamin D
  • Digestive Effect
  • Increases Lymph Flow
  • Highly Effective for
    • Lyme
    • Infections
    • Autism
    • Squamous-Cell Carcinoma


Red and Infrared

  • Improves Cell Activity and Micro-circulation
  • Regenerates Damaged Tissue
  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  • Wound Healing
  • Coagulation-inhibiting Effect
  • Increase of ATP Production


Ultrasound Guided Interstitial (Tissue)

The method of interstitial laser therapy in interventional oncology was first introduced in 2004 by Vogl et al. from the Faculty of Interventional Oncology of the University of Frankfurt, Germany. In their study, the authors tried to overcome the problem of limited penetration depth by using fiber-optic laser catheters which were inserted directly into the tumor tissue or in metastases. With this method, they were able to document an effective, and controlled necrosis and apoptosis (cell death) and could show convincingly that liver metastases can be treated by PDT. They further mentioned that one of the key advantages of this treatment modality is that there are almost no side effects or pain.

Source: https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1

Intra-articular (Joint)

Intra-articular (Joint)

Using this technique, the fiber-optics is applied very close to the damaged tissue, joint, nerve, cartilage, or bone, directly saturating the injured area with light. Combining direct irradiation and platelet-rich plasma creates an even greater opportunity for regeneration and reducing inflammation.

External (Shower Head)

The so-called laser-needles are placed on the skin painlessly and without puncturing or are used in combination with special applicators for the treatment of larger surfaces. The combination of red, infrared, green, and blue lasers enables, on the one hand, varying penetration depths and on the other hand, a multitude of biological effects to be achieved in the tissue – without any side effects.

Photodynamic Therapy

Each patient is unique and every cancer, infection or chronic illness requires a targeted protocol designed with the patient in mind. The PDT program is a tailored, intensive daily program of cutting edge, proven therapies that target the characteristics of the illness while boosting the immune system and supporting the individual as a whole.

This program can be done in conjunction with traditional oncology care, and is supported by both on-staff traditional medical and board-certified naturopathic doctors. 

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