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On this episode of HealthMade radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, research scientist and author discuss the Covid-19 virus; lack of accurate statistical data, the failed CDC tests that cause failure in disease tracking and allowed for the spread of COVID. In addition, they address the problems with a fast-tracked vaccine that could potentially cause pathogenic priming making 100,000’s of individuals more susceptible to a similar virus in the future. Dr.  Lyons-Weiler offers a proposed plan for private COVID testing allowing individuals the freedom to know their own infection status to make better choices about health care, caring for others, and/or returning to the workforce.

Manipulated CDC Studies and Statistics

“I designed 100’s studies at the University of Pittsburg. If I had done to those studies, what the CDC did to their studies, I would have lost my job.” Dr. Lyons-Weiler says about his discovery of CDC data manipulation.

Is COVID-19 similar to the flu in mortality rate?

The struggle to answer that question will be in the CDC’s manipulation of the numbers. The data has been skewed from the beginning combining pneumonia with lab-tested influenza. 

“Individuals comparing “flu cases” to COVID-19 to flu don’t know the asymptomatic rate for influenza. It is very difficult to estimate a case fatality rate during an outbreak – and it may vary from country to country depending on, obviously, the medical facilities’ ability to save lives during the critical phase of a disease, which for COVID-19 involves, I believe, an autoimmune attack leading to unresolvable pneumonia (symptomatic) but massive tissue damage to the lungs (lung immunopathology).”


chart from http://ipaknowledge.org

Keep in min that World Health Organization’s numbers of influenza cases and deaths come from the CDC.

“The fact that they actually represent “flu-syndrome” cases is a failure of public health administration – a failure of EPIC… no, COSMIC proportions.

Bottom line: No one can estimate a solid death rate between COVID-19 and Influenza.” However, IPAC is tracking statistics specifically to have more accurate data. 

World Health Organization Offered CDC An Accurate Test: CDC Refused.

CDC is supposed to the world leader in Infectious Disease Control. They refused to use an existing COVID 19 test and instead developed one that was flawed with false positives and false negatives. Allowing the further spread of the virus in a critical window of time.

“WHEN THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION offered the CDC a test – made by Germany – that had already been tested, one has to wonder who held the conversation within CDC leading to the disastrous conclusion that CDC should make “their own” test.  
 Whoever made those fateful decisions made them according to the status quo of the CDC – they prefer that which leads to massive amounts of positive revenue, regardless of the effect of that decision on safety. “
This allowed for the spread of the disease and made meaningful contract tracing difficult.”CDC’s deadly mistake is directly responsible for the death and permanent lung damage to come across the US. It is also a major factor in the economic downturn in which the stock market lost 20% of its value – a whollop that make be one of many to come. ” 


Governors Across the Country are Saying the Cure is a Vaccine. Could this be possible?

But given the current pressure to stave off the pandemic, a COVID-19 vaccine has been touted as the solution to the current crisis.

The risk of the vaccine is Pathogenic Priming. The vaccine has the potential to make people MORE susceptible to the virus in the future.  

One way to get hundreds of thousands super sick from a coronavirus is to have sensitized the population with a vaccine containing a spike protein. Why? Because prior animal studies showed high mortality following re-challenge (virus exposure) in vaccinated animals.  

Fuchi convinced the FDA to skip animal trials.
Even the most vocal vaccine proponents such as Paul Offit and Peter Hotez now say skipping the animal studies could result in unacceptable risks. And yet, here we are with numerous vaccines in development and human trials beginning.  https://news.yahoo.com/european-firms-step-covid-19-161057879.html

#IPAKBacktoWork Plan  Private, Non-Compulsory In-Home Antibody Testing.

Many people believe that Coronavirus testing will an important tool for lifting restrictions.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-second-wave-testing-surveillance-fda-stephen-hahn/
Dr. Lyons-Weiler proposes private testing for individuals to know their own status of infection.  The goal is the REDUCTION in the number of new transmissions. If individuals can test themselves with guidance, then they can participate in their own self-governance.

The #IPAKBacktoWork Program defends your personal liberties and rights to #KnowYourStatus without ever having to report it – to anyone.

If you do nothing, mandatory testing and all the rest will surely come. For more details, check out the IPAK Back to Work Plan at the IPAK Website


Dr. Lyons-Weiler background
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, also known as IPAK. He is the author on 57 peer-reviewed publications, and has written and published three books, one on Ebola, another on Cures vs. Profits and a third on The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism”. He, along with other scientists at IPAK, performs research in the public interest aimed at finding ways to reduce human suffering using funds donated from the public and that he raises at IPAK educational events. His latest research is focused around COVID- 19 with proposed solutions to allow people to return to the workforce.  

The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge is a not-for-profit organization that exists to perform scientific research in the public interest. We use the principles and practices of scientific research to help individual researchers, research teams, consortia, and companies push their projects through roadblocks, or map their way around them via evidence-based alternatives. We provide independent views and intellectual effort on scientific progress in three main areas:

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