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Dr. Menéndez is one of the most respected and experienced medical ozone researchers in the world. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and is a Full Researcher. She introduced ozone therapy in Cuba in 1986 and was Head of the Ozone Clinic of the Ozone Research Center, belonging to the National Center for Scientific Research, until 2011 when she retired (after 25 years).

Dr. Menéndez has dedicated her entire professional life to studying and promoting the use of medical ozone in a wide range of ailments, and continues her involvement by teaching in a wide variety of settings. She is the author of two patents, 2 medication registrations and a new therapeutic indication for ozonated sunflower oil, as well as two books, chapters of books, and more than 50 articles, published in peer-reviewed journals for the past 15 years, all in the field of ozone therapy.

She has supervised over 40 theses, imparted 60 national and international courses and participated in over 130 international scientific congresses with 260 research works, invited to countries, such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, USA, Barbados, Japan, Egypt and India to offer lectures. She has received several medals and international and national awards for her work deployed in the field of ozone therapy. Dr. Silvia Menéndez is Co-Founder and Chief of the Scientific Committee of O3Crowd. Her selfless dedication to O3Crowd represents the continuation of her commitment to giving medical ozone the recognition it deserves in the field of medicine. She is also the scientific advisor of Ozolabs, offering high-quality organic ozone cosmetics. 

Find out more about her work at: https://www.ozolabs.com/

Lear More About Ozone in this interview with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Dr. Silvia Menendez

Some of the more powerful applications of ozone therapy that we use at The Karlfeldt Center include:

  1. Ten Pass Ozone Therapy is a powerful tool for anti-aging, while fighting inflammation or struggling from chronic disease.
  2. Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) is an IV that filters and re-oxygenates the bloodstream, killing infectious agents, promoting antioxidants and acting as a personalized immune booster.
  3. Prolozone injections into the joints supports tissue regeneration. It could help before considering surgery.
  4. The ozone sauna, also known as the HOCATT, floods the body with ozone through the skin creating a whole-body effect that can eliminate toxins, increase circulation and act as an anti-aging treatment.
  5. Ozone bags can be filled and given via the intestines for colon or liver issues, inserted in the bladder while dealing with a UTI, or bagged around a wound to kill infection and promote healing.

This article originally appeared at: https://healthmade.co/ozone-the-universal-healer-a-discussion-with-dr-silvia-menendez.