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Many people are so paralyzed by the fears of tomorrow that they forget to focus on the wonders of today. Don’t let doubt rule your life. 

If our thoughts and beliefs create our success, they can also create our frustrations, disappointments, and failures.

In this episode of HeatlhMade radio Dr. Michael Karlfeldt discusses with Ann Tucker, author of Undoubtedly Awesome the decision making process; 

Learn how Decisions are made in four basic steps:

Discover the 3 steps to the commitment process and the importance of post commitment. Discover what to do if you find yourself thinking, “I made a bad decision?” Learn how to turn it around and recommit yourself to that decision.

Anne Tucker, in demand internationally as a speaker on decision making, leadership, personal transformation, and self-doubt, has developed a unique test to identify an individual’s “soul type” and illuminate the mental processes behind every decision. Tucker has used this proprietary technique and others she’s developed to help some of the most influential business leaders in the world.

 Her new book, Undoubtedly Awesome, is on sale now.

Tucker is the co-founder of Grey Matter Partners, a leadership-development firm based in Seattle, Washington, whose executive-coaching services have helped senior executives become better leaders and more effective decision makers. She also founded Wisdom Soup, a closely curated learning community designed to help its members achieve breakthrough spiritual growth and insight in order to achieve practical real-life goals.

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