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In this episode, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Dr. Robert Kushner, one of the world’s most highly respected weight management experts. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 adults are overweight or obese in America, and 20% of children are obese. Dr. Kushner describes the many factors that lead to obesity and the difficulties in treatment. He discusses the science and art of helping individuals lose weight and keep it off to embrace the healthier habits that fit their lives.

In this episode, learn about Obesity in America:

About Dr. Robert Kushner 

Dr. Robert Kushner has a long, distinguished career as one of the world’s most highly respected weight management experts. He is Medical Director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, Professor of Medicine and Medical Education, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Past President of The Obesity Society, and a founder of the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) that certifies physicians in the care of patients with obesity. Board-certified in internal medicine, nutrition, and obesity, Dr. Kushner is a passionate clinician, educator, researcher, and advocate in helping to improve the lives of those affected by overweight and obesity.

As the author (or editor) of 12 books, 58 book chapters, and nearly 200 scientific articles on overweight, obesity, and nutrition, Dr. Kushner has a unique skill set to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Connect with Dr. Robert Kushner 

Website: drrobertkushner.com

Facebook: drrobertkushner

YouTube: Robert Kushner

Twitter: DrRobertKushner

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