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The Karlfeldt Center has formed an incredible partnership with Dr. Stephen Iacoboni, a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist.  His passion involves taking care of the whole human body, not just the individual organ that is primarily affected by cancer.  Because blood goes everywhere in the body, cancer cells travel around the body with the blood and can show up in other places unexpectedly.

Dr. Iacoboni was recently interviewed on the Healthy Conclusions radio show, and the podcast is available here for anyone who is interested in learning more about Dr. Iacoboni’s work.  He is engaged in the final stages of a clinical trial to bring Photo-Illumination treatment into mainstream use here in the United States.

This cutting-edge technology is currently available on a very limited basis.  There are only about 80 machines in use in the US at this time because it is still in clinical trials.  It hasn’t been released for general use, but Dr. Iacoboni is one of the few who has been licensed to use the UVLrx machine as part of clinical trials. Because of our partnership with him, the Karlfeldt Center is now able to offer this therapy in our clinic to anyone who qualifies to take part in the trials.

This therapy has been used Worldwide for over 100,000 patients – it’s efficacy and safety are well-documented.  Once it’s released for general use in the US, it has the potential to improve hundreds of conditions.

Why Photo-illumination Is So Powerful

Dr. Iacoboni explains that all life energy on earth originates from the sun’s light – not from the earth.  All life forms get our energy from the sun as light travels across the solar system to our planet.  The cycle begins as plants use light energy to grow and convert into chemical energy.  Animals and humans then consume plants to receive that chemical energy.

We now have a technology that uses fiber optic cables and light adapters that can be inserted directly into the vein where blood flows over the cathode and is directly exposed to healing light.

Light is known to kill any virus that is circulating in your bloodstream.  Chronic bacterial infections can be cured with light therapy – even MRSA!  If something is resistant to antibiotics, light will kill it!  In a world that is becoming more and more resistant to strains of antibiotics, this is very good news!The UVLrx Difference

The UVLrx Machine is different from any other light therapy.  After decades of research, the precise wavelengths of light needed to destroy bacteria and boost the immune system have been pinpointed.  The lights used by the UVLrx Machine are monochromatic, highly specialized wavelengths that have specific purposes.

Within 60 Minutes, your entire blood volume is exposed to the light.  Every single drop of blood flows over the intravenous cathode.  The light activates the part of the immune system that is responsible for regulating the immune response.

Light therapy provides a jolt of energy that unleashes one of the main immune activators in the white blood cells.  This is an immuno-modulator which turns on the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses while balancing the overall immune response so that the body doesn’t go into a hyperimmune state.Other than cancer, Photo-Illumination has the potential to impact

Listen to Dr. Iacoboni’s interview for an in-depth explanation of how the UVLrx Machine works and why Light Therapy is such an exciting breakthrough in the Medical world!