Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy

The nerves of your autonomic system provide a vast network of electrical circuits, having a total length of twelve times the circumference of the earth, and connecting every one of your 40 trillion cells to form a living whole human organism. 

This autonomic system controls the vital processes everywhere in your body. Scar tissue can create an abnormal electric signal that is transmitted throughout the rest of your body via the autonomic nervous system. These abnormal signals can interfere with the body’s ability to heal and be a source of dysfunction and pain syndromes.

Neural therapy diagnoses and treats disturbances of the autonomic nervous system, called interference fields. These fields are electrophysiologically unstable and emit abnormal neurological signals to which the autonomic nervous system reacts. The dysfunction is not often localized, either. The nervous system may react to interference fields by creating symptoms in far away areas of the body.

Basically – the electrical circuit fires improperly and send improper signals to your nervous system, resulting in pain, discomfort, inflammation, reduced function, and even system issues (such as IBS, reproductive issues, heart pain, and asthma). 

Interference fields are not usually obvious, but rather are common occurrences like cuts and surgical scars. For example, a C-section scar may be a source of a recurring migraine headache. Or, a scar on the chin can affect the low back and by doing therapy on the scar on the chin the lower back pain can be resolved. Amazingly, virtually all orthopedic medical conditions have an autonomic nervous system component, at least in part.

Neural therapy uses procaine or some other agent to normalize the ion pump in the cell wall to correct the transmitted electrical signals. 

Sometimes, one treatment is all it takes to clear up the interference and let the body heal. Longer-term cases may require multiple sessions, but generally, when the interference field is restored, that particular trauma and resultant symptom set do not recur.

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