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All the different neurological disorders, regardless of what you call it to be it PANS, PANDAs, ADHD, BiPolar they are all due to brain inflammation. The symptoms expressed depend on the individual. The level of brain inflammation is the sum total of all these different interference… in addition to how strong the individuals endocrine system, their mitochondrial activity and the environment with-in the individual. 

At the Autism One Conference 2019, Dr. Karlfeldt discusses the multitude of factors that promote nerve and brain inflammation such as chronic infections, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, GMO, vaccine injury, gut-brain dysfunction, EMF, scars, emotional traumas, nutritional deficiencies, genetic weaknesses and epigenetic triggers and how to prioritize and sequence your therapy depending on the individual.

Reviewing with his audience the labs that are useful in determining a course of treatment. Several volunteers participated in live demonstrations using applied kinesiology to develop an individualized integrative treatment plan to address neurological inflammatory conditions.

PowerPoint Presentation