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Naturopathic Oncology

Our naturopathic oncology program features cutting edge therapies that target the hallmarks of cancer while holistically supporting the individual.

The Karlfeldt Center's Naturopathic Oncology Program

This program consists of supplemental therapies designed to systematically address the cancer, the root cause of the cancer, and the emotional, mental, and physical health of the individual as he/she undergoes cancer treatment. Contact us to learn more.
Here at the Karlfeldt Center, we provide a wide variety of supplemental therapies that maximize the patient’s health and well-being while undergoing cancer treatments.

Almost 50% of us will develop cancer in our lifetime.

Cancer will soon become the leading cause of death.

Attacking cancer with chemotherapy or radiation will kill a great number of the fast-growing cancer cells, but not all. There will always be a certain percentage that will survive. Focusing only on the immediate gratification of tumor shrinkage can leave you handicapped in fighting the long-term battle. The strategy cannot just focus on the cancer, it needs to take into account the individual in which it develops.

Cancer is a multifactorial, complex, intelligent, and adaptive disease.

Dr. Karlfeldt, N.D., PhD

“Losing my father to colon cancer has made this very personal to me! He was just another number at the cancer center fading away while receiving the traditional standard of care. I believe when you are fighting for your life, you deserve the best and most effective medical and integrative cancer care, even if it doesn’t fit within the scope of traditional care. It is my mission to offer cancer patients cutting edge, integrative oncology care at my premier integrative health center here in Idaho, The Karlfeldt Center.”

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt has been practicing naturopathy for over 30 years. His passion to promote Natural Health publicly has led Dr. Michael Karlfeldt to be a sought after lecturer, writer, and educator.

How Naturopathic Oncology
Treats the Person and the Cancer

Each cancer patient is unique and every cancer type must be treated specifically. A naturopathic doctor will evaluate the individual terrain of the patient that may be contributing to the cancer growth, such as: toxic emotions and belief systems, chemical exposures, chronic infections, nutritional deficiencies, microbiome integrity, sensitivities, and organ weaknesses. In order for the body to defeat cancer, the body must be supported at every level and with every method necessary to reverse cancer’s multi-pronged assault on the body. All this must be done while maintaining the maximum possible well-being of the patient.

Is This Program Right For You

In order to participate in our intensive program, you must meet certain criteria that enable us to create your personally tailored treatment plan specific to your condition. We will work with you and your conventional treatment schedule to determine the best start date for you that will optimize the therapies. Please fill out the form and a highly qualified member of our staff will be in touch shortly.

Curious how Naturopathic Medicine could help you? Schedule a service or talk to one of our Doctors. See you at The Karlfeldt Center!