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In this video, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt performs a demonstration of how Laser energetic detox works. 

Laser energetic detox is a powerful technique that uses a form information that is transferred into the individual, and can then transfer information such as the heavy metal or chemical.

How do you correct these areas when a patient experiences problems? There are different “set points” related to hormones, chemicals, metals, vitamins, minerals or neurotransmitters in the body. For example, using different vials you can muscle test the individual to determine which genetic aspect may be off, and could potentially be driving a “set point” which can show emotional, chemical or nutritional deficiencies and show part of an overall picture of health.

To correct these, we need to use the vials and muscle testing to understand where these “set points” are. I would be looking at receptor sites for different hormonal functions to learn whether these are related to a genetic “set point”.

When using muscle testing and vials with a magnifying glass – which magnifies the energy from the vials – we can determine where weaknesses in hormonal function lie. By moving the magnifying glass over the vials representing the receptor sites, as the strength of the extended arm is tested (muscle testing), we can learn which of these receptor sites is affected by a deficiency.

Next, by testing the vials to determine if there is a genetic aspect to the hormonal imbalance, in the same way we tested the first set of vials (receptor sites), we can zero in on specific genetic considerations, also using the magnifying glass.