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Poor baby. The crying, screaming and fit-to-be-tied behavior of a baby experiencing colic sends most parents into a panic. 

Baby colic often tends to rear its ugly head when parents aren’t expecting it. Many believe they’re in the clear just a little too early. As a result, they find themselves in quite a dilemma. They desperately want to help their poor baby, but they’re worried about the traditional methods that are usually recommended for treating baby colic. Thankfully, there are natural remedies out there that are safe and just as effective.How To Know it’s Baby Colic

This condition occurs when a healthy baby regularly cries more than three hours for at least three days of the week. This typically lasts for a minimum of three weeks. In order to know whether or not it’s colic, parents should first rule out any potential, underlying problems by ensuring that their young one receives all of his child wellness exams. It’s also a good idea to get any sleep issues or digestive concerns checked out. Once these are addressed, it’s time to pay close attention to the signs. Symptoms that indicate an infant may be suffering from colic include:

Treatment Options

Luckily, parents no longer have to rely on traditional medicines or special kinds of formula to treat colic in their infant. A naturopathic physiciancan offer some great natural options. Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having to worry if a child will have any negative side effects from these kinds of treatments.

A few tried-and-true treatments include: 

All of these are excellent ways to treat colic in a safe and natural manner.

It’s incredibly hard for parents to see their new baby crying so much of the time, and they often worry that they somehow caused it. This condition may not have a rhyme or reason for it, but at least, it does have more than one cure.

If you have any concerns or don’t see results from the home-remedies provided, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.