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What do chemicals, pathogens, pain heavy metals have in common? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD reviews different “interferences” that produce pain and dysfunction in the body, leading to chronic health issues. 

From my point of view, whenever you are dealing with healing, you always want to look at what I call removing interferences. This can be accomplished by chiropractic, where you have the nerve flow that supports all the tissue, and makes sure that nutrients and energy, electricity, nerve conduction, and neurotransmitters reach their targets. 

In this spine there are different vertebrae that if they are mis-aligned and put pressure on specific nerves, that reduces the energy flow to specific target areas. Symptoms that you can feel could include pain, which is a common reason to go see a chiropractor. However, it can also be any kind of dysfunction of an organ. If you are dealing with ulcerative colitis, and that nerve flow doesn’t support the intestines properly, you want to make certain to correct this issue and remove the interference that stops the transport of nutrients into the intestinal area.

You can do the same way in Naturopathy. When a patient comes in with health issues, I ask what is the main cause, I’m not interested in masking the symptoms. I want to understand what interference is present that can cause things to go wrong.

The cause can be almost anything: a pathogen, such as a fungus, virus, bacteria, parasites. 

I will ask: what impact does that pathogen have? Or, it could be some chemical creating an inflammatory response, interfering with kidneys, liver or other organ, making it harder for that organ to function the way it should. 

Maybe it’s something that’s causing an inflammatory response such as a food or something you are allergic to such as dust or mold, or something of that nature.

As a Naturopathic doctor, I want to ensure the use of natural agents to support the body to move chemicals, or heavy metals out, or ask the patient to stop eating a food they are sensitive to, so you can remove the interference pattern. Once you have done that you want to supply nutrition to that area.

Let’s say the kidneys are the target area affected, joints are aching, you are swelling, and the body is unable to move toxins out of the body enough that you have fluid retention. We learn that the organ is having a challenge because of the presence of a certain chemical. We want to support removal of that chemical from the kidney so it can function properly. By filtering the blood properly, the kidney can remove toxins that accumulate in the joints that are causing sore joint, or swelling in the feet, or other problem.

Then nutrition must be supplied to the kidney because after interference is removed, you will want to feed the organ with proper nutrition. Foods such as parsley, celery, nettle, corn silk or horsetail are examples of herbs and foods capable of restoring kidney function that contain important vitamins and minerals that are beneficial.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash.