Activate Your Natural Weight Loss Metabolic Machine

February 15th, 2023
5 PM PsT / 8 PM EsT

Join us for an EXCLUSIVE master class!

how to "hack into" your gut health, encourage healthy detoxification, and boost your metabolism with nutrition

We'll Talk About...

  • The Pandemic of Obesity


  • Why America Is One Of The Fattest Nations In The World


  • How YOU Can Fix It

And So Much More!

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Meet Dr. Karlfeldt

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, Ph.D., has been in clinical practice since 1987 and runs a busy multidiscipline Integrative medicine center, The Karlfeldt Center, in Boise, Idaho. His fascination with Naturopathy began at an early age. He was the host of the TV shows Dr. Michael Show and True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit, and the radio show HealthMade Radio where he connects with international leaders in the integrative health arena.


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