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The model of standard medical care in the U.S. and other industrialized nations typically uses drugs and surgery to treat chronic health care issues.This approach to health care is not only bankrupting our nation, but fails to address root causes of health problems – nutritional deficiencies.

A growing industry is nutritional supplements. In the U.S. alone we spent 11.5 billion dollars last year, and that number is expected to grow to 15.5 billion by 2017.

More and more people recognize that nutrition is important, and that the food we are eating doesn’t supply all the nutrients we need. This is especially true if you stand in line at the grocery store and look into people’s shopping carts. You will then understand that whatever they are eating for the next few days will not make their bodies healthy or happy. Then they “need” some kind of pill to cover up for their food choices.

It is amazing that so many do not recognize the fact that for our bodies to function, we need nutrition. I’m not talking about pizza, doughnuts, ice cream, Diet Pepsi and chips. That isn’t nutrition. When we try to be more health conscious, we are more focused on what food doesn’t have in it, rather than what it does have in it. We think that as long as it is fat-free and sugar free, we are “home-free”.

Thinking that metabolism is just something that “happens” may be similar to how we conceptualize how the motor of a car works. No need to worry about oil, coolants, gas or  maintenance. When the car breaks down or runs out of gas, we are completely confused as to why this happened. The food we eat should supply the nutrients we need to fuel our metabolism, and maintain all functions of our bodies.

Because of the way we farm our food and the choices of food we eat, Dr. Karlfeldt estimates that 99.9 percent of America is nutritionally deficient, and the majority of  diseases occur as a result of this nutritional deficiency. That’s why addressing these problems with a drug simply doesn’t make sense. Even worse, correcting the illness caused by this nutritional deficiency simply by cutting out the dysfunctional part of the body doesn’t make any sense either.

Many have made the choice of cutting and poisoning instead of eating nutrition, because of the perception that it is “cheaper”. Drugs and surgery are covered by insurance, and garbage food is cheaper than food filled with nutrition. So we continue to eat garbage food and choose to treat our nutritional deficiencies medically; because in the short run it is “more convenient and less expensive”. It is truly no wonder health care is bankrupting the country.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash.