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Major Autohemotherapy is performed by removing some of your blood, infusing it with medical grade ozone, and then putting it back into your body by IV. It appears that when ozone is injected into the treated sample of blood it destroys any pathogens and when it is injected back into the person it has the effect of an autogenous (self-generated) vaccine.

Autohemotherapy has a cumulative effect so that each treatment builds on and enhances the effects of previous treatments. For acute infections, frequent treatment may be necessary initially.

Major Autohemotherapy is often combined with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) which synergistically amplifies the effectiveness of both therapies, boosting the immune system, cleansing the blood, and improving oxygen delivery to tissue.

Major Autohemotherapy is a powerful procedure that helps the body activate its own immune system and has been safely used for decades throughout the entire world.

Because Major Autohemotherapy boosts the immune system and supports detoxification anyone can benefit. However, here are some specific conditions it has been used for:

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