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Melissa Tahmisian, Lyme patient, explains how her Lyme awareness began: fatigue and brain fog, being unable to start and complete tasks effectively, and feeling older than she actually was. Her symptoms started in 1996 when she was engaged to be married to her husband. She noticed the fatigue and doing normal activities such as riding a bike started to become more challenging and over time. 

She consulted many doctors, taking different paths to treatment including concluding that the problem might be candida, then focusing on chronic fatigue she consumed new drinks and supplements, and traveled to different doctors. When her husband went to the Mayo Clinic because of his own illness, they were introduced to the idea of Lyme Disease, as he had some similar symptoms. She and her husband then had the test and were found to be positive for Lyme. 

At first they thought that since they finally had an answer, they would see improvement. When their expectations weren’t met and they had spent a lot of money for what seemed like nothing, she felt like simply giving up. They would come upon research here and there that would occasionally find something that might help – such as onion juice, just to get through. However, these discoveries weren’t providing enough of a recovery to make a difference. Any supplements or treatments they were recommended by various practitioners to try also didn’t appear to help and were costly.

When she met Dr. Karlfeldt at a health expo, she felt that he listened to her and seemed to know more about Lyme than most of the other practitioners with which she had consulted; she had seen many over about a 15 year period of time and was really at the end of her rope. 

She wants people to know that there are answers and there is hope for those with Lyme – without antibiotics and medication – and that she has actually seen improvement with her protocol and steps toward recovery, from appointments at the Karlfeldt Center.

She was diagnosed with Lyme before pregnancy. After her children were born, she and her husband realized that they were struggling with various symptoms. There were no answers as to why the children were experiencing health challenges, such as her daughter would walk and couldn’t do so without tripping and then eventually, falling. Doctors didn’t have answers. After putting her daughter on a protocol with the Karlfeldt Center, symptoms have greatly diminished and there has been tremendous improvement.

Photo by Philippe Toupet on Unsplash.