Livingston Cancer Protocol

Virginia Livingston pioneered an interesting immunological therapy based on her bacterial theory of cancer. In 1947 she discovered a form-changing microbe, believed to be the cause of most cancer in humans and animals. She later named this highly unusual bacterium known as Progenitor cryptocide, which literally means “hidden ancestral killer.”

She repeatedly isolated this organism from virtually every cancer of humans and animals, and also demonstrated that it can cause cancer when injected in animals. She believed that Progenitor was present in everyone from birth, and was also found in human sperm, and was held in check by the immune system. Once immunity was weakened by poor diet, surgeries, stress, toxins and other debilitating factors, the dormant multi-form microbe could multiply in overwhelming numbers, becoming invasive and promote the growth of tumors.

What is unusual about this bacillus is its apparent ability to change drastically in size and shape at different stages of development. It could shrink to the miniscule size of a lethal virus, if desired. These type of bugs that can change forms are known as pleomorphic germs; they are able to adapt to changes in their environment by defensibly losing their cell walls, to enter into the cell as a virus. They enter complicated life stages, hiding in tissue and organs, waiting for the proper conditions to return to their original forms.

According to Dr. Raymond Brown, a former fellow at the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, pleomorphic organisms are demonstrable as the silent stage of a gamut of infections. They have been repeatedly found in cancer, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases of undetermined origin.

The focus of the Livingston Therapy was to restore the body’s natural defenses by strengthening the immune system. The program included things like vaccines, a large vegetarian, raw food diet, something called gamma globulin, and a variety of nutritional supplements that included vitamins and minerals. She would make a vaccine prepared from a culture of the patient’s own bacteria and blood. This was given in conjunction with a weakened tuberculine vaccine to stimulate the immune system. 

In 1990, she was ordered by health officials to stop using the vaccines, even though there had been no complaints from patients. She was given a cease and desist order with out any due process.

In her 1984 book, The Conquest of Cancer, Dr. Livingston presented the case histories of many long-term survivors who benefited from her standard immuno-therapy program, which included her specific type of vaccines.

Among her patients who experienced full recovery were victims of the following conditions:

  • Advanced terminal breast cancer with metastatic cancer of the lungs
  • Terminal cancer of the esophagus with liver metastases
  • Colon cancer which had also metastisized to the liver and spine
  • Nodular sclerosing Hodgkin’s Disease
  • Breast cancer metastatic to the spine and hip
  • Metastatic melanoma
  • Widespread cancer of the abdomen which involved the ovaries
  • Metastatic ovarian cancer
  • Cancer of the prostate with multiple metastesis to the bone

Photo Anton Darius on Unsplash. 

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