Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Image of feet and a flower floating on the top of clear pool with blue tile. Ionic detoxification foot bath services offered at the Karlfeldt Center of Idaho.

Ionic Foot Detox Baths are becoming more and more popular in the alternative medical space, as well as in health and beauty spas. These detoxifying cleanses are easy to do, non-invasive, and effective. 

Chemicals and pathogens, heavy metals, and other toxins all have specific electrical charges. These charges interfere with the body’s ability to operate normally, and as toxicity builds up in the system, illness frequently occurs. The Foot Bath provides opposite charges that cause the toxic material within the body to break loose and leave the body through the feet. 

The benefits of a detox can be increased by pairing it with Laser Energetic Detoxification treatments. LED works to open up the detoxification pathways and to loosen toxic elements within the body, while the ionized water of the footbath helps to pull the toxins out. 

Ionic Foot Detoxification also works well in conjunction with Chelation and other IV Therapies that facilitate detoxification. The bath provides an outlet for the toxic waste that the body is working to remove. In fact, at the Karlfeldt Center, we recommend implementing a Foot Detox protocol along with many other detoxification therapies to increase the effectiveness of those therapies. 

This therapy is especially beneficial to those who need to detoxify after receiving a vaccination. The bath works to remove any heavy metals that have built up due to vaccines. 

Alkaline Benefits

Yet another incredible benefit of the ionic foot bath is the alkalinization of the body. The ionization in the water reduces the body’s acidity and returns it to a more alkaline state. It is well known that many diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment. This therapy provides a simple, effective way for the body to reach a healing, balanced alkaline condition. 

Does the coloration in the water mean it’s working? 

The water used in an ionic foot bath will change colors even if no feet have been placed in the water. This is because all water contains some impurities that will be affected by the charge produced during the bath. The toxins that come out of the feet are indicated by particles of varying colors (depending on the impacted meridians). 

Interested in the Ionic Detox Foot Bath? 

Book a consultation today! We’re located near Boise. Our trained practitioners use muscle testing to provide information on the best frequencies for each individual. 

Make sure to eat before your foot bath, as the rapid detoxification during the bath can leave the body temporarily weakened. As a result, dizziness and hunger often accompany detoxing. 

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