Introduction to EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

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Do you face frequent challenges with anxiety, anger, depression, fear, or any other emotion that sometimes feel as though it is becoming unmanageable or out-of-control? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD shows how to perform a simple technique known as EFT (emotional freedom technique) which can help “reset” emotions to enable you to manage reactions to events and trauma, pain and other challenging life events. 

A really powerful technique that has been used successfully for a lot of people to help to balance your system – in relationship to any kind of emotion – but also how you are feeling physically, is a technique called EFT or emotional freedom technique.

I call it “pushing the breaker button” where you reset the whole energy system in relationship to an event or stress factor. And a stress factor can be anything, it can be a trauma that took place when you were a child; maybe your mother yelled at you, or maybe there was a fight between your mother and father that really stuck with you.

How to perform EFT

It’s a simple technique, it’s something that can be done in your home, while you are driving a car, or at any place. And all it is is just tapping on different acupressure points, while focusing on the stress factor. And it’s a simple formula, which I’ll explain as we go along. 

All you do is start tapping on this acupressure point right here (on the back side of the hand). I call this a “karate chop point”. It’s a point that you would hit if you were to break a brick or break a board, such as if you were to do karate. 

Just tap on that spot and say the phrase, “Even though”, and then you fill in the blank, and then you say “I still love and accept myself.” Let’s say you want to work through anger with your husband. Say, “Even though I’m angry at my husband, I still love and accept myself fully and completely.” 

Repeat this phrase three times. Say, “Even though I’m angry at my husband, I still love and accept myself fully and completely.”

And then you go to the beginning of the eyebrow, tap right there, and you just say whatever it is that you filled in the blank with: “angry at my husband, angry at my husband”. Go beginning of the eyebrow, end of the eyebrow, then tap under the eyes, then top and bottom lip, and do this the whole time while repeating that phrase, whatever it is that you filled in the blank with.

And then go to the beginning of the collar bone, right underneath it, and just tap right there. Then, go to what I call the “bra strap point”. I know only women have bras, but everyone knows where that is, and just tap right there.

Use phrases such as, “I feel ashamed because of…” whatever you are feeling, or “I feel guilty because of this…” or you can use it to control cravings. Let’s say you are craving ice cream.

Say: “Even though I crave ice cream, I still love and accept myself fully and completely.” And say this three times. 

Then go through the same steps outlined above

  • Beginning of the eyebrow, “crave ice cream.”  
  • Then end of the eyebrow, “crave ice cream.”
  • Then under the eyes, “crave ice cream.”
  • Then top and bottom lip, “crave ice cream.”
  • Then the beginning of the collar bone, right underneath it, “crave ice cream.”
  • Then the bra strap point, tap right there,”crave ice cream.”

This technique resets your system in how you view this challenge you are facing. And you can measure and see where you are at using a scale of zero to ten. 

Ten is ” I have to have ice cream right now.” Or, zero, “I’m okay, I don’t need it at all. Or maybe your number is at seven, and then you go through this whole process and then you re-evaluate. And then you maybe decide “it’s just a two”. 

Then, go through the process again until it becomes a zero. Use this technique for anything. You can also use it for pain. 

A very powerful technique!

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