Introduction to IV Therapy

Have you ever been utterly overwhelmed while staring at your cabinet of supplements, wondering if there was a more efficient way to get your vitamins when you need a boost? Well, there actually is!  Let me introduce you to our injectables.

A Few Facts about Absorption

If our guts are functioning perfectly, we absorb around 30% of what we take in orally (this includes most supplements in pill form). The absorption increases if you use powders, liquids and lyposomal forms, of course. However, if you have any type of digestive problem (which approximately 80% of us do), absorption decreases rapidly.

Supplements are necessary and essential if we want to resolve health problems over time and maintain important nutrients. If you’re interested in jumpstarting your body right now, though, there is a quicker, more efficient way to get nutrition when you need it most.

Injectables and IV Therapy

These are direct injections of key nutrients right into your cells via the bloodstream.

With a quick Myers Cocktail, you can boost your energy with B Vitamins, Minerals, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C IVs give you a high dose of Vitamin C with electrolytes, knocking a cold or flu on its butt before it has time to land you on the couch.

Many other IVs we offer can boost immune function, enhance detoxification systems, and neutralize toxins. Our ozonated IVs flood the body with oxygen, boosting our cardiovascular system and killing viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus.

Most of our IVs compliment many conventional treatments like chemo and radiation allowing cancer patients to maintain their quality of life through these difficult treatments. There are truly so many options that it may be difficult to choose. Hence, another reason that it is essential that you, as a patient, do your research!

See a practitioner here that can test you, personalize your approach and guide you in the right direction. IV therapy typically takes about one to three hours, depending upon which IVs or injectables you choose and then you’re out the door jumping back into your daily life with recharged cells and renewed energy. Schedule a consultation today. 

Michelle Stimak, RN

Michelle Stimak, RN

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