Intravenous Hydrochloric Acid

Intravenous Hydrochloric Acid

Intravenous Hydrochloric acid  has been used very successfully in the 1920s and 1930s for a variety of lymph congestion diseases including infection, tissue degeneration and cancer. Dr. Burr Ferguson and Dr. Walter Bryant Guy pioneered the use of this therapy. From his many experiences Dr. Guy formulated a theory that most disease conditions, acute infections, anemias, metabolic disturbances and malignant cell overgrowths are the direct result of blockage of the lymph channels. 

Dr. Ferguson reported that very soon after an infusion of hydrochloric acid, there would be a marked increase in white blood cell count and in phagocytes; also that red blood cells had an increase in oxygen content. He suggested that one infusion of hydrochloric acid would increase oxygen in red blood cells in excess over what would result from maintaining the patient in an oxygen tent. Dr. Ferguson found that intravenous injections of dilute hydrochloric acid stimulated phagocytosis which cleaned up the stagnant lymph pond of the body and produced spectacular recoveries from apparently hopeless cases without harming the patient. 

Case histories of successful cures include cancer of the brain, prostate, skin, and colon, tumors or growths, pulmonary, tuberculosis, convulsions, chronic bronchitis, migraines, tonsillitis, pneumonia, malaria, acne, bed sores, elephantiasis, and so on. Many of these, including cancer are a result of long-standing congested lymph channels. The result is a reduced nutrient supply to the involved tissues (resulting in lowered function and even localized necrosis and resultant infection), and accumulation of cellular wastes (resulting in swelling, weight gain and the formation of cysts and tumors and cancer). Analysis of blood samples after diluted hydrochloric acid injections showed that blood oxygen levels increased drastically, increases in red and white blood cell count, increased phagocytosis (removal of dead tissue, and other debris) all of which resulted in the cure of the disease. More documentation is preserved in a PDF titled “Three Years of HCl Therapy”.

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