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Reviewing decades-old research about personal protective equipment (PPE) and the appropriate uses of it. The studies that show, in fact, these masks don’t stop RNA virus infections. That includes things like AIDS, XMRV, Ebola, and of course the current Coronavirus. So what masks actually do, is they weaken your immune system. They suppress your immune system. These bad viruses cause disease by oxidative stress, by depleting glutathione in our intracellular antioxidants. And by depleting our type one interferons – our frontline defenses against these kinds of viruses. So putting on that ass through the development of hypoxia, even for a few seconds can drive the infection. And you, if you should be coughing, which you will, if you wear a mask for a short time, especially if you have CLPD or pleurisy, as I do, and my husband has to OPD, we will start coughing and we will be coughing, reactivating, dormant viruses, along with coronaviruses. The masks are literally spreading the disease.

And, and so one of the arguments that they use is that they’re saying this Coronavirus is coming into little droplets, you know, and that these masks stop these droplets from spreading.

What are your thoughts about that?

Dr. Judy Mikovitis

Yeah, well, they stopped the droplets, so it’s a larger droplet. So when I cough, I, and I have fluid in the lungs and you know, so when I cough, these droplets into the mask. They’re trapped there. The mask becomes moist, but as I cough the propulsion from the airflow sends the viruses from the droplets, literally into space, but more importantly, it provides the growth media. If you will, it’s there for not only viruses, bacteria, mold, mycoplasma, I’m touching it. It’s contaminated, breathing in, it. It’d become that wet moist environment, which allows the virus to literally divide it and then sit there on that mask for hours. Every time I cough, I cough more virus directly into the air, the water droplets don’t go in the air, but the virus does. The masks concentrating it.  By masking, we destroy our own natural God-given immunity that has protected us for millennia. 

CORONA VIRUS is a family of viruses that causes a common cold.

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt: 

What’s happening then, like you’re saying that the viruses in themselves, they hang out in the saliva and it’s not until the individual is immunosuppressed that they get activated. And one way to get immunosuppressed is to put an individual in a hypoxic state and gludathion depleted a state, which is exactly what happens with a mask. So what is happening then is that you are then driving disease by making the majority of people to wear a mask? 

So it’s almost like, you know, Bill Gates talking about that we only want 600 million people on, on earth and that this is a very fast way to achieve that.


Dr. Judy Mikovitis: 

Absolutely. And then we’re also told, Oh, you didn’t put on a mask, so you made somebody else sick. So we are, we’re putting a fear state and an anger state and that’s even more powerfully immune suppressants.

Wearing face masks is a constant reminder that we should fear this invisible enemy or “monster” as some politicians have called it- There is no doubt that wearing a mask reinforces the worry and fear about COVID-19. Even being in public mask-less and seeing that most people are wearing masks leaves one with a sense of angst. Fear, worry, and anxiety are powerful immune-suppressing emotions.  – Children’s Health Defense

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:  

Yeah, exactly. All the emotions, all the fear – you have no idea what’s going to happen a month from now. So you have no certainty. All of these put an individual at a very difficult place emotionally and mentally, which obviously has a huge impact. I mean, you’re talking about neuroimmunology, you know, where your psyche, your, your thoughts, and how that has a direct correlation to the immune system. In fact, they’ve seen on the white blood cells, they see that the receptor sites for the different neurotransmitters, and also that they’re actually driven by a lot of your thoughts and feelings and emotions.


Dr. Judy Mikovitis: 

Absolutely. And there are two key cytokines that are important in COVID-19. In 1999, that was one of our discoveries of how you got HIV AIDS if you’ve got this disease signature of inflammation. So the cytokine storm disease signature in COVID-19 is  two markers, really interleukin six and TNF alpha. And there is the height of neuroinflammation trauma. In fact, depression, psychosis, psychiatric disorders, all of the things that we’re seeing and, and it’s being called, COVID-19 being blamed on SARS code too. And it’s not the infection, it’s the response to the infection. 

So by wearing the mask by social distancing, we’re literally driving the disease and, psychosocial and more disease via those same two key molecules interleukin six and TNF alpha.


Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:  

You see people wearing masks and consider how many times did touch that mask per minute? This is tremendous. So which means that now you’re introducing something that was not meant to be breathed in. 

You’re touching a surface then you touch a mask and then you play with your cell phone and whatever, and then do touch a mask or you pay cash or pay something that has a lot of hands connected to it. 

And then you fiddle with your mask…. 

So now you then concentrate those contaminates in a humid environment where the virus can replicate, but you’re introducing new things from the environment that you continue to do on breathing in that’s concentrated within that mask.

“All this touching of the mask raises the potential that viral transmission to the mask can then transfer to the nasal and oral cavities. “

Dr. Judy Mikovitis: 

Correct it’s toxic to your lungs.  One of the things in those little paper blue masks Children’s Health Defense reported last week is they’re sprayed with Tesla. So now you’re putting chemo a cancer-causing agent caustic agent, um, these hydrocarbons and the levels in the blood of the people that are sick are skyrocketing and people wearing masks. So there’s a lot of toxic things on the back, and there are a time and a place to use them as you know, very well. We do it then training as, as healthcare professionals on when and why choose to wear a mask. 

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:  

The interesting part is that as people then get more sick from wearing the mask, then that gives, you know, the powers that be a stronger reason to tell people that they need to isolate and continue to wear the mask. So it’s like they created this, this perfect feedback mechanism that reinforces that behavior.

Dr. Judy Mikovitis:

Correct. And that’s why it’s so important. We’re here today. And we keep informing people in our professional capacities to limit the mask. The fires in Northern California right now that that is probably up in Idaho as far and further an n 95 mask is critical for me and my husband with our pleurisy and COBD respectively. We have to stay indoors, but we don’t go outside and spend a lot of time in that smoke as it will cause us further cause damage to our lungs, which is what we’re trying to protect.

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt: 

Exactly. And then again, the end 95 mask is to use when you are in a contaminated area and you’re filtering the, uh, the contaminants that are in your environment as you’re breathing in, but when you’re breathing out, there’s, you know, it’s a normal breath out, you know, so you’re not protecting those around you in any shape or form, you know, as you’re breathing out, ’cause you’re just breathing out your own air.

Dr. Judy Mikovitis : 

Right. And those are among the most restrictive for oxygen. So those quickly we become dizzy and hypoxic when we wear those. So those are the worst for the coronavirus. The best for our first responders who are dealing with the smoke. 


Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

The Plandemic video segment from Mikki Willis featuring you Dr. Judy went viral and was banned on every major social media platform for exposing the truth about Covid-19.  Right now in history, it looks like it just, all of a sudden this all just happened and the world just changed overnight. But it seems from what I’m hearing is that this may have been something that has been in the works for a long time. When you dig a little bit deeper as to who owns patents to what how important this is and some kind of a scheme or plan to achieve something. I’m not a hundred percent sure.

Dr. Judy Mikovitis

Yeah. I don’t think any of us can be a hundred percent sure, but clearly, from the days of HIV and the Plandemic movie, I’m sure you’re seeing it by now. This new screening Plandemic Indoctornation on the left-hand side of the screen was an exercise that happened at Johns Hopkins University called the Event 201. (https://centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/)
And that occurred in November of 2019. And they basically had actors and actresses playing authority, playing newscasters, the media, and literally on the right-hand side of the screen was today and the two were indistinguishable. So I was in fact, right on May 4th, it is a planned epidemic and the movie goes into it. The Indoctrination goes into it when you see all the way back to 1976 when we have the swine flu and that vaccine did more than damage than the swine flu ever did.

And then we walked through and we remember HIV, bird flu, swine flu, through the 90’s anthrax that accompanied 9/11.  Then we look at the late 70’s and ’80s and the DTP vaccinations, which were literally killing children, causing seizures, devastating injury from the cellular component in the DTP, in the pertussis part of the vaccine. So now we have DT AP, the AP  means a-cellular. So it was, it was clear in the seventies and early eighties that the vaccines were causing devastating injuries because of the cellar debris that wasn’t cleaned from the vaccine. It’s in our book, Plague of Corruption. It’s also in the movie, you hear Mike Hugo talk and Andy Wakefield’s most recent movie – 1986, The Act, found at https://1986theact.com/

So what the government did then scares the then-president Ronald Reagan, -this is Tony Fauci and others, we’re not going to make your vaccine if you don’t remove all liability. ( Because they were losing the million and a billion-dollar lawsuit, just like we see recently with Roundup and Bobby Kennedy, winning that team, winning that lawsuit about Roundup causing cancer. That Glyphosate does indeed cause cancer, so we’ve seen it throughout my entire 40-year career.

And as I take it that God has a sense of humor. So I was showing me things, I saw it! I saw the level and the depth of corruption and how the government does the same thing every single time. , for instance, in the Thompson study, “MMR does not cause autism do not cause autism. Vaccines do not cause autism.” Del Bigtree of the ICAN network, through his FOIA requests against HHS in  December of last year, 2019, he find the government, the judge said the CDC has to take off its websites their claim that Vaccines don’t cause autism because they could not produce one piece of data saying that. https://www.icandecide.org/ican_lawsuits/stipulated-order-proving-cdc-has-no-studies-to-support-claim-that-vaccines-given-in-first-6-months-of-life-do-not-cause-autism/

 So isn’t it interesting that here we get the exercise to COVID-19 after Children’s Health Defense, Dell Bigtree, Andy Wakefield,  Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Brian hooker people who have spent decades to prove the corruption in the vaccine industry? And then this plague of disease we reported in our first book is really the result of a plague of corruption. So they (the powers behind the corruption) hit the detonate switch because now because people were waking up.

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

Yeah, that’s so scary. So we were, and I mean, with this Coronavirus, I’m curious, cause you always get to follow the money in some way. I mean, so there’s gotta be somebody that financially benefits. I mean, if this is something that is planned, then somebody has got to make money. And how so, how, how can people make money, on this type of epidemic? I mean, this tragedy.

Well, this is what Dr. David Martin Mikki brought in, and this is a brilliant man, dr. David Barton into the film. And again, I saw it that they made, everybody else saw it and I was blown away. I had had no idea, uh, and what dr. David Martin did. And he’s an expert in computers. His Ph.D. is in mathematics and the following day to leads. And what he showed us the patterns was the, was fact-checkers were that he followed the money trail back 30 years for quite a while.

So absolutely there’s a ton of money. 

We can see that things like hydrocloroquin when a 17-year-old drug that is on a WHO list of essential medicine type one interferon where only 50 units, twice a day, sprayed in your nasal passages, the best natural vaccine against any of this. And yet we can’t use any of these. He shows how the FDA called natural medicine, alternative medicine. He just didn’t walk through the history and the data. It was just an amazing and brilliant individual wake up, everybody. He followed to millions, billions, if not trillions of dollars over the last 40 years. He’s captured the data on how they have literally done human experimentation on the most vulnerable of our societies. And now it’s the elderly and our children.

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s atrocious.

Going back to the patent. So it seems like there’s somebody that’s already, I mean if somebody owns the patent of the Coronavirus that can transfer that into the human beings? So if the coronavirus is a natural virus, now they’re the making this point and the movie, it was a natural virus. Then you can’t hold a patent on something that is natural.  But if it’s a manipulated virus, which means that it’s something that is created, then you are breaking the law. It becomes like a weapon by a chemical, you know, warfare in a way. So, then that is illegal. So, but somehow they were able to own the patent on the coronavirus and its transfer. 

And so, and then also all the testing of it and also the detection of it then treatment all of it, uh, own that as well. So obviously if you make this on a global scale, and a huge amount of money to make.

Dr. Mikovitis:

Correct, and didn’t get it. Didn’t Dr. Martin or make a brilliant description of exactly that you can’t have it both ways. Federal crimes had been committed either way. And so in the first movie, I said, it was accelerated evolution. I don’t use the term engineered, but clearly Fauci directed by way of millions of dollars funding.  https://nypost.com/2020/04/29/dr-fauci-backed-controversial-wuhan-lab-studying-coronavirus/

These studies, the manufacturer and the manipulation and the accelerated evolution of these bad viruses and jumping them into human bypassing evolution of not dozens, but several hundreds of years. And that’s the whole idea that I said, that accelerated evolution. So if it’s not manufactured, if it’s natural, you can’t patent. And then clearly they’ve had. They walked through all of this in the movie, it was just brilliant.

 Plandemic: Indoctornation World Premiere

Reached a world record for a live stream download on its premier. They were trying to take it down all the way through the film. It was fascinating.

Corona Virus – What You Should Know and Why you should NOT fear interview Brighteon video link

Dr. Karlfeldt: We achieved 40,000 to 50,000 views, you know before they too censored it and took it down. We have it uploaded on Brighteon however! You know Dr. Judy your mouth is very dangerous. According to the powers that be!

Dr. Judy Mikovitis: Yes! You are right and you know our book, Plague of Corruption which we finished right around November of 2009. It reads like a prophecy because the government knew it. We predicted this and, and we followed the data and how the corruption has really gone on for more than 30 years. That’s why our first book was called Plague. The first book of 2014, the very first day I met Brian Hooker and said, “Oh my God, now I understood. I had no idea it had to do with vaccines. I had no idea, you know, about William Thompson and the corruption and the CDC. I’m just, this boring cancer research scientist, a lab rat. I had no clue what I stepped in. 

You know the acknowledgment of my book is to my mom. The way, she raised us -the worst crime you could possibly commit was seeing something wrong, evil, and doing nothing much that somebody else suffered. So it didn’t matter how afraid you were to step out there and stand in the street, knowing you were going to get killed. The punishment at home was worse. And my stepfather used to say, Judy’s mouth gets Judy’s body in trouble and her body is fine. It’s just, her mouth will not stop.

So, 30 years later, I’m the most heavily censored scientist. 

COVID 19 Risk Increases with FLU SHOTS

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

One point that I want to highlight a little bit more. You talking about the worst thing that an individual can do at this point is to get the flu vaccine. So why is that? I mean, wouldn’t that boost your immune system producing antibodies. So you’d be ready cause you think, I mean, they call it immunizations. You think that that’s going to boost your immune system. So wouldn’t that protect you more than, 

Dr. Judy Mikovitis:

That is the thought of what was supposed to happen. That is the hypothesis. It’s a term called viral interference that if you give the flu shot that allows that immunity to spread and prevent other upper respiratory infections from being as bad. But in fact, in a paper published in 2020 or late 2019 by a Dr. Wollfe, done in a military, With such a large cohort of individuals who are usually mandated to get such a flu vaccine. Coronaviruses do exactly the opposite. In fact, if you were 36% more likely to get a Coronavirus infection and severe disease from that if you had been vaccinated with the influenza vaccine. 

I talked about the influenza vaccine that was given in Italy and that particular flu virus vaccine was a new vaccine. It had four influenza viruses, including a very dangerous and deadly H1N1 attenuated. But importantly, the manufacturer of this was done in a dog’s kidney.  Dogs have many many Coronaviruses. So that you pick up Coronaviruses and transmit them along with influenza viruses. 

This is my hypothesis why in Italy, the, in part, the elderly died. They were given that flu vaccine in January of that year.  Healthcare has been very bad in the hospital, so you’re, you’re close together and you’re shedding that flu virus from the vaccine for quite a while. 

Mask Wearing whose Most at Risk?

This is why the thing I’m fearful when I walk into a grocery store and I see these lovely elderly people and they’re wearing masks standing in line to get their free flu vaccine. So they’re going to generate far more,  virus through that I’m including Coronaviruses. They could die of an outright inflammatory cardiac event. They could have a heart attack within hours, simply because of that flu vaccine overwhelmed, they’re already compromised immune system while they wear that mask. 

So what you are describing is a flu shot causing that cytokine storm.  Which then kind of shuts down the transport of oxygen through the lung sacks. They’re not able to really move oxygen into the bloodstream. And then (allopathic doctors) put them on ventilators. Obviously, with a ventilator, you’re not able to move the oxygen you’re just kind of pushing oxygen into the lines. But if it can’t move from the lungs to the bloodstream, then you’re just going to destroy the lungs pretty much so. Yeah. 

Correct. And that’s exactly what happens. 

The others who are most at risk are the autistic kids. Autistic kids have the lowest levels of glutamine, natural intracellular antioxidants. Severely compromised type one interferon pathway. So that your type one interferon lines, your nasal pharyngeal cavities, in fact, it comes out in your, in your snot, you know, when you’re sick – if that’s your own interferon. So you’re depleting that with the mask. You are crippling, your very basic innate immune responses. 

We are warning EVERYONE!  Please don’t put a mask on an autistic kid because they can have seizures in their sleep and die. And absolutely don’t give these kids another vaccine for the same reason. They’re compromised immunologically in the same way the elderly are. 

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

You’re making the point that it’s not just the moment that they have in the mask that they’re at risk. It actually creates a risk for a long period of time after. 

Dr. Judy Mikovitis:

Correct. It sets in processes, the inflammatory signature, it elevates the levels of interleukin6TNF alpha, just those inflammatory cytokines that drive the disease. 

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

The next step then is we’re looking at a vaccine that they are pushing through, uh, to kind of protect them against this, you know, Coronaviruses. COVID-19. I mean what are your thoughts about this vaccine? I mean, obviously there are so many red flags. I, I mean, I don’t even know how to count them all. What are your feelings about this? 

Dr. Judy Mikovitis:

Well, I mean, obviously I’m like totally no all the time, and it’s not really my feelings. It’s the data that shows since the original SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome virus, these vaccines have done more damage than good by mechanisms we only vaguely appreciate. One is called antibody-dependent, cellular cytotoxicity. So if you’ve had a previous exposure or infection, I think of who they’re calling the asymptomatic carriers, that healthy kids test positive. 

They have an immune response. In those people, if you inject M R N A – M means messenger RNA. You’re literally putting the blueprint of this dangerous virus into every cell of the body. It dysregulates every part of your epigenetic machinery. We make sure our gene expression is in homeostasis that our epigenetic machinery, um, for, for silencing these viruses and expressing various genes is intact. And in fact, the opposite is happening at many levels. 

If we inject in a nanoparticle, that means there’s no gatekeeper, there’s no receptor. It goes into every cell of the body. And I just can’t imagine the level of damage it will kill as the early trials did. The animals developed severe neural inflammatory disease and death seizures, um, in the healthy trial. So they skipped the animal trials because a pandemic, it’s an emergency. So we’re going to work to speed, fast track, and to get you to safety and animals were clearly with SARS, the early end of that scene, the, and have done nothing other than damage and severe damage. 

And for a virus that we now clearly know, it produces serious disease in only 0.3% of those infected. So 98.97% of the people infected are just falling. Why would we inject something that can stay in every cell of our body just causing long term damage of told, and probably unimaginable level for a fact.  when this is when stars go to is less and COVID-19 is less than a normal influenza season, as far as pathogenesis disease-causing ability. 


Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

Yeah. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. A normal vaccine trial. I mean that, uh, I’m to develop the vaccine. It takes many years I think the fastest is around seven to 10 years. 

Dr. Judy Mikovitis:

 You know, there’s no testing, they roll a new toxic shot out every single year – for the flu vaccine. There isn’t any testing. This is what’s important.  For normal biological drug discovery as I’ve been involved with for 40 years, it takes 10 to 20 years of safety studies before we put some of these immune modulators in cancer patients. And I think things like car T cell therapy for cancers, decades of study and the dangers are similar, and yet it’s all being ignored because it’s a blanket of corruption. 

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

Now they are bringing out something that has never been done before the M RNA virus, I mean, that has never existed before. So we, I mean, it’s, it’s literally, we’re bringing in Pandora’s box and we have no idea what that’s going to do long term on a mass scale. 

It’s going to be devastating. And so in, in our studies with the XMRV in 2011, that was 20 million Americans. If we think about AIDS patients, another 5 million people are infected with HIV in this country, or maybe more., we don’t even test anymore. As well as other primary and acquired, immune deficiencies from glyphosate toxicity, which also depletes your glutathione. So the first people who die will be those 25 million Americans they’ve already injured over the past three decades, including me. 

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt:

I’m hearing people talking about the second wave. Bill Gates talking about the next pandemic. Talking about the second pandemic coming in October of 2020. I hear words about, like COVID20, that there’s another type of COVID, uh, that is rolling out that impacts the gut more…  do you have any information about that? 

Dr. Judy Mikovitis:

Oh, sure. Because in that viro monkey kidney cell line where they took, they didn’t just pull this one magical virus out of all those bat tissues we’ve got done in recombine with the RVs, with mosquitoes. You see, you remember at the end of the movie though, that the care of unleashing another mosquito-like they did. So they’re gonna unleash mosquitoes on us in the fall and those contain recombinant viruses, even Coronaviruses, and retroviruses. And we know this because they did it in Zika – weaponized mosquitoes in Brazil in 2017. 

We know there was a paper published in 2015. We know what a nightmare chronic Lyme disease is in our world, tick-borne diseases. Because it’s more than just bacteria. It’s, you know, it’s more than just viruses its bacteria. 

 2016 and cell host and micro published September 14th of 2016, and the title is a Multi-component Animal Virus, isolated from mosquitoes. So it showed an expansion in host range to include primate. It’s got a, it’s a mosquito virus, there’s multiple distinct particles required for infection Flaviviruses. 

So they know, they know, they’re sure they can say with great confidence because they’ve got them all lined up because they’ve been doing this work since the early 2000 and 2003, 2005. Those are the publications where Tony Fauci funded this study to say, yeah, I dropped the clerk and worked to prevent all of these type one interferons. The interferon low, low, low dose, $60 a month can prevent and be a natural vaccine for any of these next wave of viruses coming out into our population. 

But it lets your audience, or even you feel helpless about all of this,  the two most important things that we can do right now to prevent seeing something else in October is take off the mask and don’t get another shot of any kind, no flu vaccine. 

You, you saw what Nicky Willis said. He said, what they want you to do is take your eyes off the left hand. And you’re the magician and focused on what’s in the right hand. That’s how they get away with this slight and well right now to make us all fearful about the COVID-19 vaccine, they’re saying, get your flu vaccine. Now it’s the grocery stores free flu shot. It’s not free folks. It can cost you your life and that of your family. 

So if we have the power in our hands, wake up, go back to integrative, natural product medicine, good supplements type glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin D in particular, out in the sunshine, um, take back our own health and responsibility for our health. And I guarantee you this country, not only won’t see the second way, but we’re going to see health and prosperity and happy people like we’ve never seen before. 

HealthMade Radio Audio: https://www.brighteon.com/ed96c691-2ae8-4de5-8364-2294d1f4000f