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The Karlfeldt Center

Leading Naturopathic Oncology for Breakthrough Cancer Treatments

Your Journey to Advanced Cancer Care Begins Here

Welcome to The Karlfeldt Center, a cutting-edge cancer center where treatment extends beyond your cancer. Our Intensive Integrative Cancer Program combines innovative therapies tailored to target cancer cells, stem cells, drivers, microenvironment, and metabolism, aiming to uncover and address the underlying causes of dysfunction.


Comprehensive and Personalized Care

Located in Meridian, Idaho, The Karlfeldt Center spans 17,000 sq ft and offers a holistic approach that complements conventional cancer treatments. Our program is a two to three week Intensive Integrative Cancer Program and includes a variety of advanced Cancer therapies.

Why Choose The Karlfeldt Center?

cancer patient

Understanding Cancer

Nearly 50% of individuals will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

Cancer is projected to become the leading cause of death globally.

Conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are crucial but may not eliminate all cancer cells, requiring a comprehensive, integrative approach.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., PhD, brings a personal dedication to his practice. “My experience with losing my father to colon cancer drives my commitment to providing exceptional care. At The Karlfeldt Center, we deliver leading-edge integrative oncology that extends beyond conventional methods, ensuring our patients receive the most effective treatments available.”

Meet Dr. Karlfeldt

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt is a respected authority in naturopathic oncology. His advocacy for natural health and integrative medicine has made him a sought-after educator and practitioner. Dr. Karlfeldt’s expertise guarantees that each patient receives comprehensive, compassionate care at the highest standard.

Tailored Treatment Approach

We recognize the unique nature of each cancer case and tailor our treatments accordingly. Our naturopathic doctors assess various factors contributing to cancer, including:

By addressing these factors, we aim to personalize your treatment plan, supporting your body’s ability to fight and recover while enhancing your overall well-being.

Cutting-Edge Integrative Cancer Therapies Available

Ready to Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Discover Call?

Are you ready to explore what therapies are available for advanced cancer care in a supportive environment? Our intensive program is designed for individuals seeking a personalized, integrative approach to cancer care. We collaborate closely with your conventional treatment schedule to optimize therapeutic synergies. To determine if our program aligns with your needs, please complete the form below.

Our dedicated team will promptly reach out to discuss your options. Contact us today to learn more about how  The Karlfeldt Center’s Integrative Oncology Program can help guide you through your cancer journey toward renewed health and vitality.

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